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Chat2 Concierge combines unique, innovative software with our team of professional service specialists online 24/7, 365 days a year to engage with your website visitors in the moment they’re ready to buy.

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Queensland Government Support

Recovery Package for Queensland Tourism & Hospitality Businesses

Chat2 Concierge has received the support of the Queensland State Department of Development, Tourism and Innovation via their Ignite program, after developing a project to assist in strengthening the tourism industry, improving the competitiveness of tourism businesses in domestic and global markets, and creating new jobs.  READ MORE

package summary

With Chat2 Concierge our engagement specialists are responding to enquiries & encouraging direct bookings when customers are on your website.

First 2 months FREE with incremental payments of $49, $99, $149 & $199 at month 6.
See a quick reference flyer here.
We Increase Sales, Leads & Conversions Online​

Every Website Interaction Has The Potential To Create New Customers

Tourism and hospitality businesses typically see significant benefits almost immediately as the first step for all travellers is to explore their options online and quite often this is outside business hours.
Our team are there 24/7 providing trustworthy, professional representation of your business while you sleep. We are answering enquiries, capturing customer details,  and encouraging DIRECT BOOKINGS.
During business hours, our services free up your staff to attend other business needs and with the knowledge base they can flex and adjust to peaks and troughs of demand by the minute to ensure your customer is never kept waiting.
As well as attracting domestic bookings now, our service will empower your business to be one of the first to attract those early direct bookings and enquiries from international visitors once our borders open again.
With fewer travel agents now operating, its more important than ever to have an “open” presence online on your website, avoiding the OTA fees and attracting more direct revenue.

We deliver more for our clients

what can we do for you?


Our team are trained to proactively promote direct bookings in the moment a visitor is on your website, or obtain customer details to pass to your team as a 'hot lead'. As well as attracting domestic bookings now, our service will empower your business to be one of the first to attract those early direct bookings and enquiries from international visitors once our borders open again.

Available 24/7

Our team is educated in your business and will respond to enquiries in real-time, 24/7 in the moment your customer is on your website and wants answers. We work 365 days a year so provide valuable assistance on days when you may be short of staff such as public holidays.

Direct Bookings

By providing the service your website visitors need in the moment they are on your website, they are more likely to book with you directly rather than with the Online Travel Agents (OTAs). By delivering a direct connection with your customers, you are likely to see more direct bookings, resulting in greater margins and gross revenue.

Knowledge Base

The Chat2 Concierge service creates and maintains a knowledge base (or a library of commonly asked questions by your customers about your business) so that our service team can interact quickly, effectively, and accurately with your website visitors 24/7.


Search Engine Optimisation benefits are achieved by increasing the time a website visitor stays on the website, pushing the website up the rankings of a search engine like Google, ultimately increasing website traffic and online sales.

Consistent Service

Even if your staff change we provide consistency and immediacy of service. No further inductions or training is required, saving you time and money. With the guidance of an accurate knowledge base for your business, our professional team respond correctly and professionally without ever losing the friendly and engaging manner that can only come from a professional human service team.

Website & Facebook

Chat2 Concierge not only responds to visitors ON YOUR WEBSITE, but we also answer your Facebook Messages as well, within one seamless service that is available 24/7. The Chat2 Concierge assistance box can also be branded to your website.

Streamline Staffing

Most customer enquiries are typically repetitive and predictable. With our unique software, artificial intelligence (ai), knowledge base and service specialists trained in your business; our service can significantly reduce the volume of enquiries your staff have to respond to so they can focus on other important areas of your business.

Reporting & Insights

Monthly reporting provides insights into customer behaviour and return on investment data. Our team are happy to discuss how to interpret your results and make informed suggestions to add further benefit.

Manage Demand Fluctuations

In times of promotions, our service will share these promotions with your online visitors, easily managing the fluctuation in demand so you are not overwhelmed with enquiries. We always have back up staff available to manage the peaks and troughs in demand for your business to ensure your customer is never kept waiting.

Service for multiple Products

Our Chat2 Concierge standards of service are always professional, consistent and reliable, 24/7. Whether your business is a 5 star resort, a budget backpackers or a holiday park EVERY one of your website visitors will receive the same knowledgeable, friendly and professional service EVERY time.

We Are Open

The first step for all travelers is to explore their options online (particularly with COVID restrictions in place) and quite often this is outside business hours. Our team are there 24/7 answering enquiries and capturing direct bookings. It also sends a clear 'we are open and ready to welcome you' message to customers.

The Facts


Average Response Time, the short amount of time it takes to respond to a customer after their enquiry.


Time to implement Chat2 Concierge and begin seeing the benefits.

1 %
conversion rate

For our tourism clients where we obtained a booking or contact details for further engagement.

1 %

Increase in length of time visitors spend on your website, providing additional SEO benefits.

some of our team

Real people responding to your customer's needs

Karen Lloyd-Collins

Chief Operating Officer


Account Manager


Service Specialist

Don't just take our word about the difference Chat2 Concierge makes to a business

What do tourism businesses say?

We have found that if online questions are answered instantly at the moment people are looking, then it is so much easier to get the booking.
Alan Wallish
Managing Director & Founder Passions of Paradise
Chat2 Concierge is sharing our promotions and encouraging direct bookings which is a significant benefit reducing the amount we have to pay in large commissions.
Jo Neil
Director of Sales & Marketing, Cairns colonial club
Benefits include strong lead generation, proactively promoting direct bookings, and increased competitiveness against the OTA's.
Brent Christofferson
General Manager Brisbane Virginia International Hotel
Many of our guests are from the United States so with Chat2Concierge online 24/7 we can now better service those in that time zone and attract more direct bookings from these guests.
Graeme Smith
General Manager Bay of Many Coves

Meet some of our Clients

They believe in us

Case Study

Chat2 Concierge makes a Difference

Linchpin Great Barrier Reef Operator

Passions of Paradise

"Chat2 Concierge is converting 80-90% of our online conversations and with the team providing 24-hour service we are attracting more domestic and international direct bookings”.

Alan Wallish

Passions of Paradise has been using Chat2 Concierge since 2017 and in December 2019 had over 100% growth in online enquiries compared to 2017 and 2018.

Even when the industry began suffering in January 2020, they recorded 30% growth compared to both of the prior years.

Passions of Paradise believe outstanding customer service is essential to their success and their team have worked closely with us to ensure that online responses are always up to date and accurate. 

They have found that with the use of Chat2 Concierge , their staff have been freed up from the significant amount of time they used to spend on the phone, answering social media enquiries, and responding to emails, leaving them to focus on delivering the Passions of Paradise experience.

"We have found that if online questions are answered instantly in the moment people are looking, then it is so much easier to get the booking."

Alan Wallish

Package inclusions & Price

Package inclusions

An online team of real people, highly trained engagement and service specialists, educated in your business who will respond to enquiries in real time, 24/7 when your customer is on your website and wants answers.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Including maintenance, tech support and updates.

With the option to add more as your business grows.

Emailed to you with the option to discuss results with our team.

Created specifically for your business prior to go live and updated as needed.

The team is always on hand for ongoing assistance.

Two months FREE, 50% off thereafter

A six-month package is offered that includes the first two months for free with staged payments rising each month to $199 in month six.

Download a quick reference flyer here.

Information Session

Register here

To learn more about attracting more direct bookings and enquiries through your website we invite you to attend an online information session hosted by Karen Lloyd-Collins (COO Chat2) on Wednesday 19 August at 2PM.

The 30 minute session is the same and includes the following topics:

  • How Chat2 Concierge Works
    • Team
    • Technology
    • Knowledge base
  • Tourism offer and inclusions
  • Benefits
    • Driving direct bookings
    • Streamlining staffing
    • SEO rankings
  • Q & A as time permits
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