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Chat2 Concierge combines unique, innovative live chat software with our team of professional customer service specialists online 24/7, 365 days a year to engage with your website visitors in the moment they’re ready to buy.

We provide customers reassurance, guidance and the welcoming, friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide.


De-escalate issues

We deal with complaints in the moment before they can be aired on review sites or social media.

Sales & Direct Bookings

We encourage direct bookings when visitors are on your website so are less likely to use OTAs.

Available 24/7

We respond in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year, servicing customers in every time zone.

Customer Satisfaction

Live chat satisfaction rate was 83% in 2019, higher than email (61%), apps (53%), social media (48%), phone (44%). (Source Statista).

Streamline staffing

A reduction in the number of enquiries your staff means they can focus on other areas of the business.

More Enquiries

Visitors enjoy the anonymity of live chat and fell free'er to ask us things that they would not have picked up the phone or email to do.

loyalty & SEO

Website visitors that get instant answers return and stay longer assisting your search rankings.


Around the clock service at an unbeatable cost. No overtime or penalty rates.

Consistent service

Even if your staff change we provide consistency with no further training is required, saving you time and money.

Website & Facebook

We respond to your website visitors and Facebook Messenger enquiries on one seamless platform.


Tourism and hospitality businesses typically see significant benefits almost immediately as the first step for all travellers is to explore their options online, and quite often this is outside business hours.

During business hours, our services free up your staff to attend other business needs.

With our custom knowledge base we can flex and adjust to peaks and troughs of demand to ensure your customer is never kept waiting.

As well as attracting domestic bookings now, we will empower your business to be one of the first to attract those early direct bookings and enquiries from international visitors once borders open again.

Our team are there 24/7 providing a welcoming, professional representation of your business while you sleep.

We are answering enquiries, capturing customer details,  and encouraging DIRECT BOOKINGS.

what Our clients say

Chat2 Concierge is converting 80-90% of our online conversations and with the team providing 24 hour service we are attracting more direct bookings.
Alan Wallish
Chat2 Concierge is sharing our promotions and encouraging direct bookings, which is a significant benefit reducing the amount we have to pay in large commissions.
Jo Neil
Due to the benefits we were seeing including strong lead generation and increased competitiveness against the OTA’s, we agreed to continue the service.
Brent Christofferson
They are answering many and varied questions ... providing exceptional online customer service to our clientele and saving our front line team so much time on the phone and email.
Graeme smith


Below are transcripts of real chats between Chat2 Concierge and visitors on tourism operators’ websites. 

Sometimes chats can be pretty straightforward and easy to answer using our custom knowledge base. Every one of these chats saves your staff precious time so they can focus on other important areas of the business.

Sometimes chats can be complex when visitors need reassurance, guidance to find information, and the welcoming, friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide.

We answer extensive questions, reassure the customer, and guide them to a make direct booking.

We guide a customer to join a loyalty program and make a direct booking.

"Our clients have welcomed the opportunity to trial Concierge... While it is still early days for our clients, the monthly reports we have seen so far have been very encouraging and are certainly delivering the promised benefits."
Mike Webley
Pinnacle Tourism Marketing



Linchpin Great Barrier Reef Operator

Passions of Paradise

"Chat2 Concierge is converting 80-90% of our online conversations and with the team providing 24-hour service we are attracting more domestic and international direct bookings”.

Alan Wallish

Passions of Paradise has been using Chat2 Concierge since 2017 and in December 2019 had over 100% growth in online enquiries compared to 2017 and 2018.

Even when the industry began suffering in January 2020, they recorded 30% growth compared to both of the prior years.

Passions of Paradise believe outstanding customer service is essential to their success and their team have worked closely with us to ensure that online responses are always up to date and accurate. 

They have found that with the use of Chat2 Concierge , their staff have been freed up from the significant amount of time they used to spend on the phone, answering social media enquiries, and responding to emails, leaving them to focus on delivering the Passions of Paradise experience.

"We have found that if online questions are answered instantly in the moment people are looking, then it is so much easier to get the booking."

Alan Wallish

what Our client's customer says

"My experience...was excellent from the get-go. I was confused about which company to travel with ... I had a live chat with Paige who was very prompt and helpful, even though it was after hours. That gave me confidence that I would be able to dive the next day."


Concierge team 24/7

A team of REAL people, trained in your business engaging website visitors, driving sales & enquiries.

Website & Facebook integration

We respond to visitors ON YOUR WEBSITE, and answer your Facebook Messages within one seamless service.

Multiple sites

Managed within one platform. Ideal for businesses with sub-brands.

Custom design*

Of the Chat2 widget to integrate with your website/brand. Optional extra.

File transfer

Directly to visitors such as a map or brochure.

Google Analytics integration*

Data about your website visitors’ chat interactions pushed as an event to Google Analytics. Optional extra.

Reporting & data

Can be viewed instantaneously including in the Chat2 dashboard including visitor contact details if available, location, date and time, survey results and chat content.

Dedicated Account Manager

To provide assistance and deliver your business updates to the Concierge team. such as new products and promotions.

Custom knowledge base

Created so we interact quickly, effectively, and accurately with your website visitors. You will receive you commonly asked questions, words, and phrases for website integration to assist SEO and inform SEM.

Conduct surveys, ask for reviews

Auto-trigger or manual.

Some of Our Team


Chief Operating Officer


Service Specialist


Account Manager


An online team of real people, highly trained engagement and service specialists, educated in your business who will respond to enquiries in real time, 24/7 when your customer is on your website and wants answers. No lock in contract. Cancel anytime. First month FREE.


per month

No lock-in contract

Month 1 FREE

+ $199 Knowledge Base*

*Yours to keep. Use it to:

  • train staff
  • as FAQ’s on your website
  • keywords for SEO & SEM
  • keep us updated on new messaging


Cancel any time

* More than 200 chats per month incur additional charges of $50 per 50 chats thereafter. Package subject to availability and cancellation.

** Knowledge Base creation attracts a one off set up fee normally $199,  ongoing updates are included as a part of the package at no additional cost.



An online team of real people, highly trained engagement and service specialists, educated in your business who will respond to enquiries in real time, 24/7 when your customer is on your website and wants answers.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Including set up, support and updates.

With the option to add more as your business grows.

Emailed to you with the option to discuss results with our team.

Created specifically for your business prior to go live and updated as needed.

The team is always on hand for ongoing assistance.

Maximising Online Revenue & Engagement

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