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Would you like strong genuine leads through your website?

Leads that don’t cost a fortune?

Working with the solar industry for six years, we know how to start a conversation with your customers, build trust and generate the leads you need to convert to a sale.

We can do all of the above. How?

Chat2 Concierge combines live chat AI-based software, with a professional customer service team.

Our team of real people are there 24/7 to engage with your website visitors.

We know how to start a conversation, build trust and obtain strong genuine leads that help you close the deal.

We have 6 years solar experience

With six year’s experience servicing clients in the solar industry, we know what are the most common asked questions.   

We generate a knowledge base taking information from your website and confirming it with you. 

We upload these responses into the software and our highly experienced service specialists use it as a foundation to start engaging with your website visitors. 

So don’t pay $30-$50 for a lead that goes nowhere – we do all this and more, for not much more for a whole month!

“Chat2 Concierge has doubled the number of leads direct from our website over 12 months. The leads are genuine, relevant and valid, the Chat2 team are qualifying the leads so no more tyre kickers! The service is a great return on investment. Highly recommend.”
Chris, Sales Manager, Solar client

What else can we do for you?


Potential customers aren't waiting for answers. Instant service stops customers from deserting and drives online sales.

Strong leads

Our team is trained to gently gather customer details so your sales team can follow up quickly and make that conversion.


A fraction of the cost of solar quote websites - in fact the cost of our monthly service can be less than one lead from these sites.

Streamline staffing

The number of enquiries your staff has to respond to is reduced, freeing up their time to convert leads into sales.

Web & Facebook

We not only respond to your website visitors we also manage Facebook Messenger enquiries, which are often overlooked by a business.

Knowledge base

The use of a knowledge base ensures that common questions are answered the same every time but with a professional, friendly Chat2 manner.

24/7, 365 days

Our solar clients have 30% of enquiries occurring outside normal business hours when customers who work have the time to start looking at options.

Unbeatable service

We have an average response time of 15 seconds or less - not 24 hours for staff to answer a contact form.

Meet some of our team


Chief Operating Officer


Customer Service Specialist


Account Manager

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Start now this amazing offer.

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* Excludes Knowledge Base



Concierge team 24/7

A team of REAL people, trained in your business engaging website visitors, driving sales & enquiries.

Website & Facebook integration

We respond to visitors ON YOUR WEBSITE, and answer your Facebook Messages within one seamless service.

Multiple sites

Managed within one platform. Ideal for businesses with sub-brands.

Custom design*

Of the Chat2 widget to integrate with your website/brand. Optional extra.

File transfer

Directly to visitors such as a map or brochure.

Google Analytics integration*

Data about your website visitors’ chat interactions pushed as an event to Google Analytics. Optional extra.

Reporting & data

Can be viewed instantaneously including in the Chat2 dashboard including visitor contact details if available, location, date and time, survey results and chat content.

Dedicated Account Manager

To provide assistance and deliver your business updates to the Concierge team. such as new products and promotions.

Custom knowledge base

Created so we interact quickly, effectively, and accurately with your website visitors. You will receive you commonly asked questions, words, and phrases for website integration to assist SEO and inform SEM.

Conduct surveys, ask for reviews

Auto-trigger or manual.

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Chats from our team

Below are transcripts of real chats between Chat2 Concierge and visitors on two solar businesses websites. 

Our team of real people are highly trained engagement and service specialists, educated in your business who will respond to enquiries in real time, 24/7 when your customer is on your website and wants answers. 

We drive genuine leads


"We spend so much money on developing our websites and the ongoing cost of digital advertising and SEO. Then when visitors arrive at your site but no one is online to answer their questions. It’s like opening up a shop and forgetting to unlock the doors."
Owner, Solar client

Our chat stats

1 %
conversion rate

Where a sale is made or contact details obtained.

1 %
extra time on website

Providing SEO ranking benefits for your website.


Average response time to connect to website visitors.



per month

No lock-in contract

Month 1 FREE

+ $199 Knowledge Base*

*Yours to keep. Use it to:

  • train staff
  • as FAQ’s on your website
  • keywords for SEO & SEM
  • keep us updated on new messaging


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