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Are you missing opportunities and enquiries online? The property market is currently booming and real estates and property agents are being overwhelmed with enquiries, many are concerned they are missing opportunities online.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started the amount of people who are choosing online to purchase is increasing daily, in 3 months alone in 2020, the U.S. saw a 10 year growth in online enquiries and Australia saw a 5 year growth in the number of enquiries (Shawspring research). The property market has always been suited to the online space and these businesses are now seeing more activity than ever before.  Though many are not adequately resourced to cope with the number of enquiries, or to be able to respond in the moment the prospect has a couple of questions.


Are you missing out on the opportunities online?  Do you feel that there is uncapped potential in the opportunity that is available in the online space? Are you finding it challenging to respond fast enough to an enquiry, as in when you get back to the customer they have already moved on and bought elsewhere?  The current market is very fast paced and buyers and sellers are moving at breakneck speed, this is proving a challenge to many real estate companies.


In property, a significant portion of buyers/sellers are making enquiries outside of normal business hours, this is the best time for them to investigate and research buying options, as it’s outside their own working hours.  Buyers are also expecting Property Agents to respond in the same time frame as if they made the enquiry during normal hours- Forbes.  This has become a significant challenge for many Real Estates and it is one Chat2 addresses for its many real estate clients across the world.


The sales process starts online, it is the first place most people go to look and see what’s available.  It’s in this very early stage that Chat2 captures the online visitor’s attention and warms/nurtures the visitor to become a solid prospect/buyer/seller for the Property business.



“Give online visitors a customer experience they won’t forget and they are more likely to choose you, remain loyal and refer you to friends and colleagues” 

-Karen Lloyd-Collins (COO Chat2)




Chat2 assists Property businesses to engage, nurture and answer enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week direct through your business website.  We have a team of professionally trained real estate specialists online 24/7, who are there in the moment your online visitor has a couple of questions.  We engage with them using our unique and innovative Chat2 software partnered with your website.  We know that property businesses invest thousands of dollars into their websites with the feeling of very little return.  The Chat2 team has been working in the real estate industry for the last 6 years and will actively get your website working for you as we make it live and engaging!




You might say that prospects rarely arrive on my website, they tend to stick with the big real estate directories.  That is actually not quite true.  Sure they may start on those directories, but we have noticed that many like to visit the real estate’s website to look at possibly more photos of the property or attain further information and that is where the Chat2 team capture their attention. Also many of these large directories will sometimes have an automated bot and the general public are still not quite widely accepting of this automated feature as yet.  91% still expect to speak to a real person online when making an enquiry- Statista. So engaging the Chat2 concierge service gives you a strong competitive advantage over these large directories, as we are real people.


What kind of queries will you receive through the live chat Chat2 channel?  Just yesterday across a variety of clients we were asked:


“I am looking to buy an investment property in the Southern suburbs. Can you help?”

“I am trying to get accurate valuations on my 4 properties in W.A.?”

“Would you have any acreage properties coming up in the next few weeks?”

“Where can I download an application form?”



Also do you know what is absolutely ideal about this particular live channel?  Property owners who are international and can not get back to tend to their properties due to travel restrictions, need MORE assistance.  If you are readily available 24/7, guess who they will choose to sell or look after their property? YOU!


Many online buyers are also hesitant to hand over any personal information on a chat channel as they don’t want to be hounded by real estate agents or spammed with email.  Our Chat2 Concierge service provides a safe, guided and free space where prospects can ask questions without having to provide personal details initially.  As we are a real human friendly team, we start with a normal warm personable conversation to obtain engagement and build trust in the first instance.  We ask open ended questions to find out what your visitor is actually looking for, we provide answers to common questions, guide visitors around the websites and then naturally this leads to obtaining contact details to pass to our clients, to do what they do best and convert the lead! You will be surprised how easy online leads management becomes with our online assistance.


Some of our Real Estate Clients do try to manage the live chat channel themselves initially, but struggle with being there, in the moment, their visitor wants to make an enquiry, so they often miss significant opportunities. Some of our clients try to staff the channel during the business hours only leaving the after hours to the Chat2 team.  But Property businesses tend to have just one person in reception and if they are attending to phone calls or a customer at the counter then the online opportunity is once again missed.



“Nearly 78% of prospective home buyers stick with the agent who answers them first.” 

-The Real Estate Trainer



Just recently we have taken over the management of the chat channel for a client in Brisbane, Australia and look at the difference we are already making in the data below. We took over in the last week of April 2021, and already doubled the number of enquiries in just that one week alone, we expect big things ahead. 



We offer a month to month (no subscription) and we do offer your first month free. So if you are interested in capturing the online opportunity that is on offer in the current economic climate, to attract more sales, leads and enquiries direct through your website than we invite you to register for a free demo.


To register your interest go to register for a free demo


Book an online demo here to find out more today.

Businesses need to act quickly to cash in on this unprecedented online consumer behaviour!


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