Chat2 Concierge for medical clinics
& allied health services

A professional online live chat service to welcome new and existing patients and save your frontline team precious time.

We can help you

Our team of professional customer engagement specialists are trained to deliver an outstanding service experience to each of your website or Facebook visitors, answering non-medical questions, helping them to make online appointments or fill in registration forms. 

For more complex queries we transfer the patient directly to the clinic reception or obtain patient details and email the chat immediately to relevant clinic staff.

Your practice will spend less time on the phones and replying to emails.

Karen Lloyd-Collins, Chief Operating Officer


General questions are answered quickly so there will be fewer phone calls less time spent by staff replying to emails or contact us forms.


Security and confidentiality are our top priorities. The chat is fully encrypted with SSL.


We are an Australian-owned and operated business with five years' experience servicing a range of industries including medical clinics and allied health providers.


We provide professional online customer service to assist patients make online appointments, complete registration forms, and answer non-medical questions.

Team Work

For non-medical or complex questions, we transfer the patient directly to the clinic reception or obtain their details and immediately email the relevant clinic staff.


Patients, existing or new, all receive warm and friendly service, creating a great first impression of your clinic. We are discreet, professional, and consistent.

How do we Know We Can Help You?

Patients like live chatting

Health has one of the highest live chat satisfaction rates of all sectors.

Live Chat Satisfaction Rate by Industry 2020

Source: Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020.

They are live chatting more

Almost a 200% increase in the number of live chats from 2018 to 2019 in the Health sector.

% Change '18 vs '19 Live Chats by Industry

Source: Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report 2020.

Patients live chat every day

Even if the clinic is closed we are still assisting patients to book online, new patients to fill out registrations, and ALWAYS advise patients to call an ambulance in case of an emergency.

Chat2 Concierge Medical Centre client's chats by days of the week 2020.

Patients chat 24 hours a day

Many patients are booking appointments or looking for information outside ‘normal’ clinic hours. Rest assured, we ALWAYS advise patients to call an ambulance in case of an emergency.

Chat2 Concierge Medical Centre client's chats by hours of the day 2020.

Patients like that you have Chat2 as a service

Answers to the Question "Do You Like Having Access to an Online Chat Service?"

Chat2 Concierge Medical Centre client's survey results in November 2020.

Patients like how we Chat2 them

Evaluation of the Friendliness of Chat2 Concierge Agents

Chat2 Concierge Medical Centre client's survey results in November 2020.

Your search rankings will improve

Patients that get instant answers  online no matter what the time or day, return, improving your search rankings.​

Chat2 Concierge Medical Centre client's percentage of returning visitors to their website by month since starting with us in 2020.

You will receive more enquiries

Visitors enjoy the anonymity & will make enquiries they wouldn’t have done on phone or email. Over time they use live chat more as they feel more comfortable and trust our service.

Chat2 Concierge Medical Centre client's percentage of online visitors using Chat2 since starting in 2020.

Patients want to make appointments online - but with a real person to assist them

We provide your patients with the best of both worlds. They can make an appointment online but our team or real service specialists are there any time of the day or night to answer questions and assist them. 

In fact, people are changing their minds about how they want to book appointments. There has been an increase in people who prefer to book online with live chat assistance and a decrease in people who prefer to do themselves online, by phone or in person.

Source: Qualtrics XM Institute Consumer Benchmark Studies 2020

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Concierge team 24/7

A team of REAL people, trained about your practice welcoming website visitors, answering their questions, and assisting them to register or make an appointment.

Website & Facebook integration

We respond to visitors ON YOUR WEBSITE, and answer your Facebook Messages within one seamless service.

Multiple sites

Managed within one platform. Ideal for practices with multiple locations or services.

Custom design*

Of the Chat2 widget to integrate with your website/brand. Optional extra.

File transfer

Directly to visitors such as a form, information sheet or brochure.

Google Analytics integration*

Data about your website visitors’ chat interactions pushed as an event to Google Analytics. Optional extra.

Reporting & data

Can be viewed instantaneously including in the Chat2 dashboard including visitor contact details if available, location, date and time, survey results and chat content.

Dedicated Account Manager

To provide help and support, and deliver your updates to the Concierge team.

Custom knowledge base

Created so we interact quickly, effectively, and accurately with your website visitors. You will receive you commonly asked questions, words, and phrases for website integration to assist SEO and inform SEM.

Conduct surveys, ask for reviews

Auto-trigger or manual.


Below are transcripts of real chats between Chat2 Concierge and visitors on medical service providers’ websites. 

Sometimes chats can be pretty straightforward and easy to answer using our custom knowledge base. Every one of these chats saves your staff precious time so they can focus on other important areas of the practice.

Sometimes chats can be complex when visitors need reassurance, guidance to find information, and the welcoming, friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide.

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