It’s so easy to integrate Facebook Messenger with Chat2, so all your chats and Facebook messages are answered on the one platform.

Follow the below steps to link Facebook Messenger with Chat2.

  • Ensure you have Admin access to your Facebook page and login.
  • Login to your Chat2 account.  To log into Chat2 go to https://yourwebsitename.chat2.com/site_admin
  • In your Chat2 account go to Automate/Facebook Messenger.  It should look like this.


If it shows “My Pages” you need to unsubscribe the page and start again.

  • Click login to Facebook.
  • Facebook will take you through several different screens as follows:

    • Click continue as “your name will appear”.

    • Your Facebook page will appear in place of Chat2 in the screenshot below.
    • Tick your page and click “Next”.

    • Ensure all switches are on for each of the options below.

    • Then you should receive the screen below to confirm.  Click OK.

  • You should then receive this screen below, though the word Chat2 will be replaced with your website.   Click Subscribe.

  • You will then see a screen like this below.

  • To check that the integration has been successful – do the following:

    • Click “Automate/Facebook Messenger” on the menu on the left in Chat2.  It should now show “My Pages” and not “Login to Facebook”.
    • Click on “My Pages”.  Next to your Facebook page name should appear a red button “unsubscribe” as per the screenshot below.

  • To test the integration – do the following:

    • Go to Facebook, view your page as a visitor, and send a message.
    • The Chat2 Concierge team should answer your message.
    • Remove any Facebook automatic messaging if you have that in place.

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