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Chat2 Concierge has over five years experience assisting businesses large and small, from around the globe maximise their online sales, leads, bookings, conversions & attract more enquiries.

Here are just some of the industries where we have empowered clients to maximise their online revenue and engagement. Chat2 Us about how we can help your business do the same.


Get more direct bookings via your website. Perfect for hotels, apartments, hostels, motels, resorts, and camping grounds.

Education & Training

We make you available 24/7 to enquiries from potential students situated around the world.


Chat2 widens the sales funnel and delivers more purchases and enquiries.


Casinos, clubs, venues, theatres. We provide round the clock service to your prospective attendees.


Get the edge over your competitors with instant online service, guiding visitors around your website to find the information they need, providing application forms, and delivering genuine leads.

Food & Delivery

We can answer all of those common questions about subscriptions, deliveries, ingredients, and even share your promotions to drive sales.


Add another communication channel to your customer service - a channel with the highest satisfaction rate and one that a younger demographic prefer.

Gyms & Clubs

You don't need to have a member of staff permanently stationed at reception when we are answer commonly asked questions online, reducing the number of phone calls you receive and messages you need to respond to.

Health & Beauty

Free up time to devote to your clients while we answer commonly asked questions and encourage bookings online.


Floods of phone calls during busy service periods can be alleviated by engaging your website and Facebook visitors online, and delivering them a Michelin Star service experience.


We can filter online enquiries to the correct team member, guide your website visitors to application forms, and deliver a 5-star first impression to prospective clients.

IT & Communications

Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any communication channel. No IT or comms business should be without it. You can also Chat2 Us to find out how to become a Chat2 Concierge Affiliate.

Medical & Allied Health

By confidentially answering common questions and guiding patients to book online, your team has more time to focus on those who require specialised assistance.


Your client list will flourish as we assist website visitors to learn more about your services and provide their contact details in an unintimidating space.

Not For Profit & Charities

We reduce barriers to engagement by providing your website visitors an anonymous channel to make enquiries. Enquiries that they wouldn't have made on the phone or email.

Real Estate

Questions about open homes, rental properties, filling in tenancy applications, and maintenance requests can be managed online by our team, free'ing your team up make the sale.


By answering enquiries about products, availability, shipping and sharing promotions means your website visitor is more likely to buy - and buy more.


Obtain strong, genuine leads from your website visitors while they are researching their options online instead of bouncing to your competitors.


Online service 24/7 to answer enquiries from around the world and drive direct bookings.


Never lose a lead with our team engaging with your online visitors when they are researching their options, which is quite often outside your normal business hours.


Price and schedule enquiries can be answered online in the moment a visitor is on your website, steering bookings to your transport business.

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The Facts

1 %
of online adults

said they were buying more things online than they normally do as a result of the pandemic.

1 %
of online adults
said they were shopping more at online-only stores.
1 %
of online adults

said they would not return to shopping in stores once stay-at-home-restrictions are lifted.

Source Deloitte report 2020


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