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Try your company’s URL today with no downloads required just a virtual demo on your own site so that you can see first hand how we work!

Please read through the instructions before starting
  1. Open a new second tab in your browser
  2. In the second tab go to your website
  3. Copy your website address 
  4. Navigate back to this browser tab
  5. Paste your full website address in the ‘enter demo url’ field above
  6. Then copy just this section of your website url from where you just pasted it above.
    • For example  /chat2.com/ (backslash /yourwebaddress.com (.com.au or .org or .net etc)
  7. Click Enter Demo URL to gain access to our Try Us Portal
  8. You will land on the page in the picture below
  9. Go to the browser at the top of the page and click at the end of https://tryout.chat2.com
  10. Paste the partial url you have copied in step 6 to the end (see example below)
  11. Click enter to see our team live on your website 

(example – https://tryout.chat2.com/chat2.com)

Please note- The Live Demo url may experience issues on highly secure sites, if you get an error message, please let our chat team know and fill in the form below, so we can create your business a personalised demo link.

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