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Professional online live chat service who engage your prospective students with friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide, no matter the time zone.

We understand that many educational organisations are challenged by budget limitations, the loss of international students, and increased competition.

We can help you!

Our team of professional customer engagement specialists are trained to deliver an outstanding service experience to each of your website or Facebook visitors, answering enquiries, guiding them to sources of information on your website, and obtaining contact information of prospective students for you to engage with further.


We provide professional online customer service, 24 hours a day, at a flat rate - no overtime or penalty rates.


You will receive more enquiries. Live chat is the preferred method of communication for millennials. They enjoy the anonymity and ask us questions that they wouldn't have on the phone or email.


Prospective students will receive personal and friendly service, creating a great first impression of your organisation.


We create a custom knowledge base used to answer questions from your online visitors, freeing up your staff's time.


We believe in continuous improvement and capture feedback on our service from all current and future students on your website.


We are an Australian-owned and operated business with over 7 years' experience servicing a range of industries including education.

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How do we Know We Can Help You?

Students like live chatting

Prospective students like chatting. They have one of the highest live chat satisfaction rates of all industries.

Live Chat Satisfaction Rate by Industry

Source: Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report.

They are live chatting more

More than a 500% increase in the number of live chats in a year in the Education sector.

% Change in a Year, Live Chats by Industry

Source: Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report..

Students like to live chat 7 days a week

And so do we. At a flat rate. No overtime or penalty rates.

Chat2 Concierge Education client's chats by days of the week.

Students like to live chat day and night

Many prospective students are researching their options outside ‘normal’ office hours.

Chat2 Concierge Education client's chats by hours of the day.

Students that Chat2 us are more likely to enrol

Answers to the Question "Are You More Likely to Enrol With Us With Our Instant Online Service?"

Chat2 Concierge Education client's survey results.

Students like how we Chat2 them

Evaluation of the Friendliness of Chat2 Concierge Agents

Chat2 Concierge Education client's survey results.

Your search rankings will improve

Visitors that get instant answers on your website stay longer and are more likely to return, improving your search rankings.​

Chat2 Concierge Education client's percentage of returning visitors to their website by month since starting with us.

You will receive more enquiries

Visitors enjoy the anonymity & will make enquiries they wouldn’t have done on phone or email – particularly millennials.

Chat2 Concierge Education client's number of chats since starting with us.

You will appreciate the value

We work 365 days at a flat rate. A fraction of the cost for a business to staff itself. We also have agents available to manage the peaks and troughs in demand to ensure your customer is never kept waiting.

Chat2 Concierge Education client's equivalent labour saved (based on an average of five minutes for a staff member to answer each enquiry).


Concierge team 24/7

A team of REAL people, trained in your business engaging website visitors, driving sales & enquiries.

Website & Facebook integration

We respond to visitors ON YOUR WEBSITE, and answer your Facebook Messages within one seamless service.

Multiple sites

Managed within one platform. Ideal for businesses with sub-brands.

Custom design*

Of the Chat2 widget to integrate with your website/brand.
*Optional extra.

File transfer

Directly to visitors such as a form or brochure.

Google Analytics integration*

Data about your website visitors’ chat interactions pushed as an event to Google Analytics.
*Optional extra.

Reporting & data

Can be viewed instantaneously through your Chat2 dashboard including visitor contact details if available, location, date and time, survey results and chat content.

Dedicated Account Manager

To provide assistance and deliver your business updates to the Concierge team. such as new products and promotions.

Custom knowledge base

Created so we interact quickly, effectively, and accurately with your website visitors. You will receive your commonly asked questions, words, and phrases for website integration to assist SEO and inform SEM.

Conduct surveys, ask for reviews

Auto-trigger or manual.

customer Experience - the stats

1 %
of customers

Who had a very good customer service experience are likely to purchase more products or services from that company in the future. Only 25% would do the same after a very poor experience.*

1 %
of customers

Who had a very good customer service experience are likely to recommend the business. Only 16% would do the same after a very poor experience.*

1 %
of customers

Rate an immediate response as important or very important when they have a customer service question. +

1 %
of customers

Define an immediate response as being 10 minutes or less.+

* Source Qualtrics XM Institute ROI of Customer Experience


Below are transcripts of real chats between Chat2 Concierge and visitors on education providers’ websites. 

Sometimes chats can be pretty straightforward and easy to answer using our custom knowledge base. Every one of these chats saves your staff precious time so they can focus on other important areas of the business.

Sometimes chats can be complex when visitors need reassurance, guidance to find information, and the welcoming, friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide.

Removing obstacles, and obtaining a qualified lead.

Answering enquiries and obtaining a qualified lead.


De-escalate issues

We deal with complaints in the moment before they can be aired on review sites or social media.

Direct Bookings

We encourage direct sales & bookings when visitors are on your website so they are less likely to buy elsewhere.

Available 24/7

We respond in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year, servicing customers in every time zone.

Customer Satisfaction

Live chat satisfaction rate was 83% in 2019, higher than email , apps, social media messaging and phone calls.
(Source Statista).

Streamline staffing

A reduction in the number of enquiries your staff answer means they can focus on other areas of the business.


Security and confidentiality are our top priority. Chats are fully encrypted with SSL.

More Enquiries

Visitors enjoy the anonymity of live chat and ask us more questions rather than wait to call or email later.

loyalty & SEO

Website visitors that get instant answers, return and stay longer assisting your search rankings.


Around the clock service at an unbeatable cost. No overtime or penalty rates.

Consistent service

Even if your staff change over we provide consistency with no further training required, saving you both time & money.

Website & Facebook

We respond to your website visitors and Facebook Messenger enquiries 24/7, 365 days on one seamless platform.

team work

For complex questions, we transfer the visitor directly to your reception or obtain their details and immediately email the relevant staff.

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Some of Our Team


Chief Operating Officer


Account Manager


Service Specialist


1 %
conversion rate

Where a sale is made or contact details obtained.

1 %
extra time on website

Providing SEO ranking benefits for your website.


Average response time to connect to website visitors.

100 %

in Live Chats in the Consumer Products & Services industry compared to pre-COVID. 

Source Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report Covid-19 Edition


An online team of real people, highly trained engagement and service specialists, educated in your business who will respond to enquiries in real time, 24/7 when your customer is on your website and wants answers.

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per month

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+ Knowledge Base*

*Yours to keep. Use it:

  • to train staff
  • as FAQ’s on your website
  • for keywords for SEO & SEM
  • 250+ Responses
  • From $299 depending on size of business.


Cancel any time

* More than 200 chats per month incur additional charges of $100 per 100 chats thereafter. Package subject to availability and cancellation. Knowledge Base creation attracts a one off set up fee normally $299,  ongoing updates are included as a part of the package at no additional cost.

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