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Chat2 Concierge has over 7-years experience assisting businesses large and small, from around the globe maximise their online sales, leads, bookings, conversions & attract more enquiries.

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Find out more about some of the industries we have empowered clients to maximise their online revenue and engagement. Chat2 Us about how we can help your business do the same.
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Our Fav Quotes

Word of mouth or WOM is the most effective way to reach new customers. As Amazon’s founder says, customers tell each other about great experiences. Reminding us that the fastest way to grow your business can be really easily achieved, by simply producing a service that is memorable!

As we say in service experience marketing…never over promise and under deliver! People will always value and remember additional effort. When we create ‘delight’ we move our clients from the ‘zone of tolerance’ to a place where they remember us fondly and our brand now stands out in their memories. 

Referral Rewards

Introducing the new Chat2 Referral Rewards Program! Do you know a business who would benefit from our Concierge team there 24/7 to greet online visitors?

$50 credit to referring client for small-medium businesses
$100 credit to referring client for large businesses

📢Make sure to mention to anyone you refer to, that they need to let us know in the referral section of their sign-up form. 

Stats & Facts

According to our Stats & Facts this month, 71% of customers believe that online chat will be more popular than any other channel by end of 2021. And the great news is, earlier this year we have seen live chat indeed take the lead, as the preferred method to communicate. 

Customers are still highly valuing their time with 73% saying it is the most important thing companies can do to keep them satisfied. 

And a whopping 97% of global consumers tell us that customer service is an important factor in deciding which brand they prefer to buy from. 

Looking to the future, 40% of CEO’s said their CIO or tech leader will be the key driver of business strategy- more than the CFO, COO and CMO combined. Investing in technology to drive business strategy forward is considered to be a very wise approach. 

Read the full Deloittes report here- 2021 Tech trends

Great Results & Chats

Check out some of the Chat2 Recent Customer Results…it’s great to see chats being answered in 8.3 seconds on average this past month for one of our tourism & hospitality clients! We have Cathy’s great chat to share with you this month too…click on the Recent Great Chats pic to watch the video.  

Valued Testimonials

Ranaul from Coconut Grove recently completed our email Customer Survey and shared some of the great benefits from Chat2 that he’s seen

Connor from Blue Dog Training is seeing the benefits & also submitted a great review that will be featured on our social channels this month. 

Meet Our Chat2 Team

Introducing Joana- Chat2 Operator

We featured a great chat from Joana in our last edition of our E-News so we thought it would be great for you to get to know her a little better. 

You’ve just watched Cathy’s featured Great Chat above…Watch This Space next month where we will introduce Cathy next. 


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