Your How To Guide

Below are step by step instructions and videos to demonstrate how to set up Chat2, customise settings and preferences, and make use of all the great Chat2 features.  

If you do have questions that you can’t find the answer to, please do not hesitate to contact our technical services team using the Chat2 widget at the bottom right corner of this page.

Google Analytics Integration

Collect valuable data about your website visitors’ browsing behaviour with our Google Analytics (GA) integration based on GA Events. When a visitor engages with Chat2

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Customising the Look

Colours, themes, and CSS can be edited with the options available under Themes.  In your Chat2 dashboard go to Installation/Themes/Create New First give the new

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Eye Catchers

Sometimes visitors don’t notice they can chat. Eye catchers can solve this by displaying a prominent image above the chat tab. 24 Bit PNG image

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Invitations to Chat

Sometimes visitors are either too shy to ask for help or they simply haven’t noticed they can chat. Configurable, timed, proactive chat messages can prompt

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This is the chat window, where operators can chat to visitors and have a set of tools to inform and assist them.

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Answering Chats

When a chat comes in, you will receive both audible and visual alert notifications.  Please see the setting up notifications video located at setting up chat notifications

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It’s important to setup notifications so you can answer chats when they come in. This quick 2 minute video shows you how in the Google

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Getting Started

When Chat2 is installed on a website it will be offline initially. While offline Chat2 will take messages and forward them to the email that was

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Installing Chat2

Installing Chat2 is simple, this 2 minute video shows you how. Once you have typed in your website address at the chat2.com home page and

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Chat2 is a web application that adds live chat to websites and Facebook. Using Chat2, website operators can chat, help, guide, interact & transact with

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