Chat Blog Customer Service - Can our expectations drop any lower?

Customer Service – Can our expectations drop any lower?

We have too many customers - don't let him in!

We have too many customers – don’t let him in!

Am I going crazy – have our expectations of customer service fallen that low?

Last week I phoned a local telecommunications business four times to enquire whether they had a specific USB dongle in stock. The phone just kept ringing out. I started to wonder maybe they had closed down or moved……. this was a major local telecommunications business, so I drove into the city to check.

When I rocked up to the shop, they were busy with shop customers and after waiting in line for 15 minutes, I queried whether their phones were working today. The response was “oh if we are busy we don’t answer the phone”. Really! I could hardly believe the response. This is a major major major telecommunications business – you don’t just not answer your phone!!!

To me they might as well have slammed the door in my face. They obviously don’t want customers bothering them as they already have too many, what a lovely position to be in! But really is that acceptable, is that how we want to be treated as customers?

Customers are demanding better customer service and they are coming from all directions, face to face, phone, online through more and more doors. Is it right to slam one of those doors closed or develop a strategy to maintain business image and profile? I know I will be going elsewhere to purchase my next dongle?


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