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Chat2 is the web application that adds chat to websites. Using Chat2 website operators can chat, help, guide, interact & transact with site visitors. Chat has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any communication medium.

Here is a 11 minute demonstration video from the perspective of the website visitor and the operator.

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An operator is one of the people who sit behind the website, logged into Chat2 answering customer questions and assisting them with their enquiries. Operators can do more than just answer questions, they are empowered with concise information snippets and tools they can share with visitors in a way that’s contextual, relevant and faster than any other communication medium.

Chat operators strive to answer visitors chat requests as fast as they would phone calls. Operators, do their utmost to maintain customer satisfaction by promptly assisting visitors.


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Easy Site Setup

Installing Chat2 is simple, this 5 minute video shows you how.


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Once you have typed in your website at the home page and completed the details form, you will be provided with three installation options.  Whichever option you choose, a short code will be produced for you or your website manager on the screen.  The code is to be pasted into the footer or onto each page you want Chat2. The code is available in the “Get Instructions” email you received when the Chat2 account was registered. If you need help just chat 2 us at


You can simply click the “Not your job” link and forward this onto your website manager or developer if you wish.
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Getting Started

When Chat2 is installed on a website its initial state will be offline. While offline Chat2 will take messages. Offline Chat2 will look something like this:

Now its time to login. Go to and click login shown on the top right hand corner of the website.  Enter the fields to login and you will be taken straight to your chat2 dashboard.  Add this url to your bookmarks so it is easier to log in next time.

Or you can login by typing your login url.  This will be  your website without the www or dots followed by For example if your website address is then your login url is If you put the address into your web browsers address bar it should load a login page that looks like this:

Enter the email address and password you registered with and then click login.
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After logging in successfully you will see the Dashboard. There is a menu at the top (or a menu on the side for small screens & mobiles) followed by a list of current or recent visitors.

You can take Chat2 on or offline by clicking the online/offline button:

07Whenever a visitor wants to chat and someone is not available, they will receive an offline message and be given the chance to leave a note. Visitors give the best feedback when their enquiries are answered immediately.

Website visitors use chat because they expect prompt help.


For best results, stay online as much as possible and use an XMPP mobile app to help maintain high availability.


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It’s important to setup notifications so you can answer chats when they come in.


This quick 2 minute video shows you how in the Google Chrome browser.  Google Chrome is the best browser to use when operating Chat2.

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Answering Chats

When a chat comes in you will receive both audible and visual alert notifications.
You can see the number of visitors who are initiating chats on the “Pending confirm” tab as shown here:
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This is the chat window, here operators can chat to visitors and they have a set of tools to inform and assist them.
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Saving time

Chat2 was designed with website operators in mind. Customers and visitors alike regularly ask the same sort of questions. To save time and provide visitors with fast and accurate information Chat2 operators can record answers in the canned message area.
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11Sometimes visitors are either too shy to ask for help or they simply haven’t noticed they can chat. Configurable, timed, proactive chat messages can prompt the visitor after a set number of seconds has passed.
Research suggests that after two minutes on the website visitors are more likely to need help and accept proactive chat prompts.
This means the chat automatically starts and types out a preset message asking them if they need help. To set these up select Settings / Chat2 configuration / Auto Chat Responders.

This short video shows you how Auto Chat Responders work and how to set them up.

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Eye Catchers

Sometimes visitors don’t noticed they can chat. Eye catches can solve this by displaying a prominant image above the chat tab. 24 Bit PNG image files can be uploaded in the need help widget area which is accessed by selecting:
Settings/Embed code/widget themes/[add-edit]/need help widget
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Colours, themes & css can be edited with the options available here:
Settings/Embed code/widget themes/[add-edit]/need help widget
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Mobile XMPP

Chat & receive notifications on phones and tablets with XMPP. Mobile XMPP is our open communication system supported on apple, android, and windows devices. Here are the settings for a common XMPP app, these will also apply to similar XMPP apps.

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