The power of social media

Adele shared in the news this week “that she didn’t realise the power of social media”.

We all know in this space how true that is. It is the way people are connecting and getting their news, what’s on, what’s happening, what’s new, whose who…………….. We all want to be in the know and technology is handing information to us in a blink of an eye.

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Social media is an essential and significant tool and communicating through online mediums has to be embraced.

Adele commented on 60 minutes that

“you can’t be old school in a world where social media is in charge of pretty much the world.”

 Even this week we installed Chat2 for a large travel industry client through exposure on social media. It’s about sharing information online, connecting and having a regular every day conversation online with your customers.

Websites are one way but by adding Chat2 software you open your website to a two way portal just like social media. So not only can website visitors view your business on the website, you can talk to your website visitors while they visit. I will explore this further in my next blog.

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Communicate online with your customers today – don’t be left behind……………….

Connect with customers online now – or be left behind!

Is your email clogged with spam? Do you miss important customer emails due to the inbox clutter?


More and more businesses are turning towards Chat2 software to talk to their customers online in a real life conversation.


With the popularity of SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp – the decision makes sense. To move forward in this age of technology, it should be a no brainer for businesses to see they need to talk to their customers in the online medium. Businesses need to be innovative and install chat2 software to stay ahead in their industry and connect with customers.

Customers can engage in a real time conversation through Chat2.


The U.S. are leading the way with 70% of businesses using chat software to talk to their customers and reporting great results. The uptake in the UK, Europe and Australian has been much slower – it doesn’t make sense as to why? Customers are demanding better service and businesses need to keep up with this demand.

 “Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone.“

 (eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark – 2,000 consumers surveyed)

If businesses don’t connect online with customers – they will be left behind in their industry. Chat software is the future of client interaction. Sending and receiving text messages is the most prevalent form of communication in the population under 50 years of age. Chat software is the text message medium for business to connect with customers. It makes sense to embrace this technology.

 Businesses need to stay in touch with customers, they need to know how customers prefer to connect. If you install the latest, most popular messaging and communication technique, your business will stay relevant and grow!

You or your customers can connect through computers or any mobile device from anywhere and at any time around the globe. How great is that for your business?

Chat is immediate, you are connecting with your customers in the here and now, there is no risk the message won’t get through as you know it has been received, read, understood and actioned. Isn’t that what you want from your customers!

In the digital age – Chat2 is the closet you will get to having a real life conversation with your clients – its like having a virtual open door to your business.

You may not see each other but you can talk in real time.

 To all my linkedin contacts install a free trial of Chat2 for 2 months by registering your website at and you will be on your way to connect with more customers, grow your business and be ahead of your competitors. If you do install from this post please send me a message as I would like to be in close contact to receive your feedback on how we can improve our product.

Why does your business need Chat?

Do you know how many visitors visit your website each day and can’t find what they are looking for, so leave. 68.53% of customers abandon the checkout process due to unclear information, not sure if they have purchased correctly or shipping is confusing (Banyard Institute 2015).



















What if you can reach out to those customers and ask if you can assist them – right then and there – brilliant!


Chat2 software will allow you to contact these customers while they are hesitating at checkout or stuck on the same page.


Send them a chat message and a live chat pops up on the web page they are viewing. “Can I help – you seem stuck on this page?”


Your website is like another door to your business, be welcoming and friendly. Use Chat2 software and you will be amazed at the results and increase in sale conversion.


Customers in this modern age are demanding quick, informative and efficient service, if they don’t get it – they go elsewhere. Install Chat2 software and be that innovative business where customers love the great service, so keep coming back.


Install and trial Chat2 for free at and watch business boom!


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