How Fast is Fast Enough?

  Did you know many businesses are not responding fast enough for their customers? Many businesses don’t realise their response rates are not meeting their

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Who loves solar?

In the Chat world it is often raised that online chat can only assist with simple enquiries and nothing too technical or specific. The chat

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Media Release

live chat software – customization – training – chat concierge Media Release: 21st June 2016   ONLINE CHAT SERVICE FOR $1AUD/HOUR 24/7 FOR BUSINESS Chat2

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Customer Service – Can our expectations drop any lower?

Last week I phoned a local telecommunications business four times to enquire whether they had a specific USB dongle in stock. The phone just kept ringing out. I started to wonder maybe they had closed down or moved……. this was a major local telecommunications business, so I drove into the city to check.

When I rocked up to the shop, they were busy with shop customers and after waiting in line for 15 minutes, I queried whether their phones were working today. The response was “oh if we are busy we don’t answer the phone”. Really! I could hardly believe the response. This is a major major major telecommunications business – you don’t just not answer your phone!!!

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