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Operator Email Required Alert Feature + 

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  • Suggestion of 3 responses shown – depending on what visitor is asking.
  • Shopify Plug-in for easy integration
  • Automated Monthly Reports
  • Instagram messaging

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We are always aiming to match our service to your business and continually better how we deliver the value of our service to you each month, so let us know your ideas in our 2021 Chat2 Customer Survey.  

Our Team Out On Location

Meet some of our team by watching the montage we have created for you of our visits across South East Queensland this past month. We thank everyone for welcoming us onsite and participating in the photos along the way and can’t wait to catch up with those we missed this time sometime soon.

Stopped In For a Break to Give Life

While busy visiting our clients across South East Queensland Karen our COO and Ali from our Admin team still managed to make time to contribute to a great cause! Book in and become a #lifesaver

Check out some of the Chat2 Recent Customer Results…we are happy to be seeing consistent increases in online engagement from one of our New Zealand accommodation clients! We share Angelika’s great chat with you this month too…click on Angelika’s pic to watch the chat video. 

Graeme from Bay of Many Coves in New Zealand recently completed our email Customer Survey. 

Gregor from Artwork Spaces also submitted a response and will be featured in our socials this month.

Introducing Jay- Chat2 Operator

We featured a great chat from Jay in our last edition of our E-News so we thought it would be great for you to get to know Jay a little better. 

We’ve got Anjelika featured in our Great Chat this edition below…Watch This Space next month where we will introduce you to Anjelika. 

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How To

Integrate Chat2 with Shopify

Adding Chat2 code to your Shopify store is easy.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

1: Log in to your Shopify Administration Dashboard. Here:

2: Click “Online Store”, then click “Themes”.

3: In the top-right corner, next to your current theme, click the “Actions” button.

4: Click “Edit Code”.

5: Under ‘Layout’, click theme.liquid to open your template file.

6: Scroll to the bottom of the document – just before the closing body tag (</body>).

7: Copy and paste the Chat2 code to just above the closing body tag.

8: Click ‘Save’.

If you would like us to do it for you, ask about a free Shopify installation, we just need temporary admin access.  

We also have a team who can customize the look and feel of Chat2 on your website, ask us about Chat2 customisation and branding.

Chat Blog Industry Trends

Media Release- Chat2 Concierge extends COVID-19 Recovery Support Package


Queensland-based technology company Chat2 is preparing to continue support to Tourism and Hospitality sectors, seeking online solutions to help reduce the impacts being felt by business, due to the nationwide labour shortages teamed with the recent influx of booking changes and re-scheduling as a result of the current lockdowns, occurring nationally over the domestic travel peak, school holiday season.

With opposition leader Anthony Albanese calling for the government to ‘step-up’ vaccination distribution last week, to aid in FNQ tourism industry stabilisation and the news of a new variant of COVID-19 making its way across the globe that may be impervious to current vaccines also having arrived on Australian shores, international borders remaining closed indefinitely, the extended lockdowns and continued uncertainty have meant for many, that the daily impacts to business have become impossible to predict.

The tourism and hospitality sectors continue to be the most heavily impacted by COVID-19. Borders closing and international trade impacts, with uncertainty creating current labour shortages which has in turn led to many seeking digital solutions in the hopes of better combatting these issues in the future.

‘We have a great website and thanks to the Team at Chat2 our website is now productive 24 hours a day and no opportunities to connect with our customers are missed.’- says Gregor Davie, General Manager at Artwork Spaces.

During 2020 the travel and tourism sector suffered global losses of nearly $4.5 trillion with its contribution to GDP plunging by a staggering 49.1 percent compared to 2019. 62 million jobs were lost in the sector last year while domestic visitor spending and international visitor spending fell by 45 percent and 69.4 percent, respectively according to Statista, April 2021.

The Australian Financial Review reported about the ‘crunch time on labour shortages’ caused by COVID-19 with restaurateur Neil Perry quoted as ‘wondering where he will find the staff needed’ for his new $4m eatery in Double Bay.

A recent survey conducted by the Australian Hotels Association revealed that nearly three in every four businesses were suffering due to a shortage in skilled workers.

Operators are finding it increasingly difficult to offer permanent positions with the fluctuations in trade, a lack of applicants and the low levels of suitably qualified applicants across all sectors reported to be the major contributors to the current labour shortage issue.

Wayne Harrison of Australian Immigration Visas said,

“Tourism & Hospitality operators welcomed the news that he Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs MP Alex Hawke recently released ‘Supporting Australia’s COVID recovery through Skilled Migration’ and announced the inclusion of a range of skilled occupations on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL). The addition of 22 occupations brings the PMSOL to 41 in total, in particular Chef (351311) has been added.”

Karen Lloyd-Collins Chief Operating Officer of Chat2 advises that a different approach is essential to servicing and growing online visitation with the challenges faced by COVID-19.

“Online customers are getting used to obtaining information fast at a time that is convenient for them, which is a real challenge for businesses trying to efficiently manage their labour availability and costs and this is where we offer an effective alternative.”

The extension through to the end of August 2021 of the Chat2 Concierge Tourism Recovery Package will mean Chat2 can continue to enable businesses to quickly trial the service with implementation taking only five days.

A six-month package is offered that includes fifty percent off initial set-up, with the first two months for free and an additional discount of nearly 40% with staged payments rising incrementally each month to $199 in month six.

Chat2 provides live chat on a business’ website with a difference. The concierge service is staffed by a team of real people who are customer engagement professionals that use their custom-designed software and a knowledge base to answer many of the common enquiries website visitors have and guide them to book or buy online. Some of the key benefits tourism businesses experience include an increase in direct bookings and website traffic, as well as a decrease in the number of hours their staff spend answering questions on the phone or email. Karen explains,

“Using our custom-developed, AI-based software, our team can provide customer service online via a business’ website and Facebook Messenger, 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the cost of a business staffing it themselves.”

“We are incredibly grateful to the Queensland Government and Tourism and Events Queensland for their past support. We are confident our service will continue to benefit tourism operators beyond just our region in the short and long term with their increased domestic customers and once international tourism travel becomes possible again.” says Karen.

“Chat2 Concierge is converting 80-90% of our online conversations and with the team providing 24-hour service we are attracting more domestic and international direct bookings”- says Alan Wallish, Passions of Paradise.

“It’s important to note that it is not a chat bot at all – they are real people trained in every aspect of our product. The conversion rate of chat enquiries to bookings is phenomenal – in fact, way exceeded what we expected. Data is provided monthly on conversion rates and Chat2 are proactive in keeping themselves up to date with your product”- says Graeme Smith, Bay of Many Coves Resort, NZ.

Due to the recent lock downs across Australia during the national school holidays and considering the global labour shortage issues being faced, we have extended our Tourism Recovery Package, beyond our previous state government funding, to the end of August 2021. We understand how challenging the issues currently faced by all businesses are and that domestic school holidays are a key time for Tourism and Hospitality operators and would like to continue assisting the industry to increase online engagement through this time.

For those business who are interested in increasing their online presence and direct bookings or those facing challenges being available 24/7 with restricted staff in place due to COVID-19, we invite you to take advantage of the extended offer.

A free online information session for interested tourism and hospitality operators is also scheduled for Friday 13 August at 10:30am (AEST) or by request.

Chat2 Tourism Recovery Package Extension Promotional Flyer PDF 

What’s in it for my business?

If you are keen to:

  • Attract more direct bookings at a much lower cost
  • Save money
  • Be available to guests 24/7
  • Increase online enquiries and conversions and
  • Improve Online Customer Experience for your guests

We recommend you enhance the online Customer Experience on your website and social media pages to make it more;

Attractive to your guests – timely, knowledgeable answers to questions in the moment

 Encouraging to your guests – so they book in the moment they are motivated to buy and

 Consistent and Reliable – your visitors know what to expect

Don’t Miss Out!

We invite you to trial NOW and take advantage of the extended Tourism Recovery Package* until the end of August designed for Tourism and Hospitality businesses. You can start immediately by finding out more here


Alternatively, to find out more we have special information session for Tourism and Hospitality with updated consumer data and more info about the extended offer on Friday, 13th August at 10:30am. Just go to this link to book a spot.

*There is a one-off setup fee of $99, currently offered at 1/2 price.

Click on the picture below to visit our website to register for the Extended Offer Information Session-


The Recovery Offer includes:

  • 24/7 coverage – 365 days
  • Chat2 Software and upgrades
  • Full setup of the software
  • Knowledge Base* creation and updates
  • Up to 200 chats a month

Package Pricing:

  • Month 1 – FREE
  • Month 2 – FREE
  • Month 3 – $49 (75% off)
  • Month 4 – $99 (50% off)
  • Month 5 – $149 (25% off)
  • Month 6 – $199

*Knowledge Base creation attracts a one off set up fee normally $199, for the Tourism Recovery package this is 1/2 price for only $99 until 31st August 2021. 

Tourism Recovery Special 6-month Package offers a total discount of 58% and includes- 50% off set-up + 2mth FREE Trial + additional nearly 40% discount!

Offer only available to 31 August 2021. You MUST be a Tourism or Hospitality businesses to redeem.


Chat Blog Industry Trends

Real Estates – soaring high with online opportunities

Are you missing opportunities and enquiries online? The property market is currently booming and real estates and property agents are being overwhelmed with enquiries, many are concerned they are missing opportunities online.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started the amount of people who are choosing online to purchase is increasing daily, in 3 months alone in 2020, the U.S. saw a 10 year growth in online enquiries and Australia saw a 5 year growth in the number of enquiries (Shawspring research). The property market has always been suited to the online space and these businesses are now seeing more activity than ever before.  Though many are not adequately resourced to cope with the number of enquiries, or to be able to respond in the moment the prospect has a couple of questions.


Are you missing out on the opportunities online?  Do you feel that there is uncapped potential in the opportunity that is available in the online space? Are you finding it challenging to respond fast enough to an enquiry, as in when you get back to the customer they have already moved on and bought elsewhere?  The current market is very fast paced and buyers and sellers are moving at breakneck speed, this is proving a challenge to many real estate companies.


In property, a significant portion of buyers/sellers are making enquiries outside of normal business hours, this is the best time for them to investigate and research buying options, as it’s outside their own working hours.  Buyers are also expecting Property Agents to respond in the same time frame as if they made the enquiry during normal hours- Forbes.  This has become a significant challenge for many Real Estates and it is one Chat2 addresses for its many real estate clients across the world.

The sales process starts online, it is the first place most people go to look and see what’s available.  It’s in this very early stage that Chat2 captures the online visitor’s attention and warms/nurtures the visitor to become a solid prospect/buyer/seller for the Property business.


“Give online visitors a customer experience they won’t forget and they are more likely to choose you, remain loyal and refer you to friends and colleagues” 

-Karen Lloyd-Collins (COO Chat2)




Chat2 assists Property businesses to engage, nurture and answer enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week direct through your business website.  We have a team of professionally trained real estate specialists online 24/7, who are there in the moment your online visitor has a couple of questions.  We engage with them using our unique and innovative Chat2 software partnered with your website.  We know that property businesses invest thousands of dollars into their websites with the feeling of very little return.  The Chat2 team has been working in the real estate industry for the last 6 years and will actively get your website working for you as we make it live and engaging!


You might say that prospects rarely arrive on my website, they tend to stick with the big real estate directories.  That is actually not quite true.  Sure they may start on those directories, but we have noticed that many like to visit the real estate’s website to look at possibly more photos of the property or attain further information and that is where the Chat2 team capture their attention. Also many of these large directories will sometimes have an automated bot and the general public are still not quite widely accepting of this automated feature as yet.  91% still expect to speak to a real person online when making an enquiry- Statista. So engaging the Chat2 concierge service gives you a strong competitive advantage over these large directories, as we are real people.

What kind of queries will you receive through the live chat Chat2 channel?  Just yesterday across a variety of clients we were asked:

“I am looking to buy an investment property in the Southern suburbs. Can you help?”

“I am trying to get accurate valuations on my 4 properties in W.A.?”

“Would you have any acreage properties coming up in the next few weeks?”

“Where can I download an application form?”


Also do you know what is absolutely ideal about this particular live channel?  Property owners who are international and can not get back to tend to their properties due to travel restrictions, need MORE assistance.  If you are readily available 24/7, guess who they will choose to sell or look after their property? YOU!

Many online buyers are also hesitant to hand over any personal information on a chat channel as they don’t want to be hounded by real estate agents or spammed with email.  Our Chat2 Concierge service provides a safe, guided and free space where prospects can ask questions without having to provide personal details initially.  As we are a real human friendly team, we start with a normal warm personable conversation to obtain engagement and build trust in the first instance.  We ask open ended questions to find out what your visitor is actually looking for, we provide answers to common questions, guide visitors around the websites and then naturally this leads to obtaining contact details to pass to our clients, to do what they do best and convert the lead! You will be surprised how easy online leads management becomes with our online assistance.

Some of our Real Estate Clients do try to manage the live chat channel themselves initially, but struggle with being there, in the moment, their visitor wants to make an enquiry, so they often miss significant opportunities. Some of our clients try to staff the channel during the business hours only leaving the after hours to the Chat2 team.  But Property businesses tend to have just one person in reception and if they are attending to phone calls or a customer at the counter then the online opportunity is once again missed.


“Nearly 78% of prospective home buyers stick with the agent who answers them first.” 

-The Real Estate Trainer


Just recently we have taken over the management of the chat channel for a client in Brisbane, Australia and look at the difference we are already making in the data below. We took over in the last week of April 2021, and already doubled the number of enquiries in just that one week alone, we expect big things ahead. 


Currently we have an incredible ½ price offer for our Real Estate clients, so if you are interested in capturing the online opportunity that is on offer in the current economic climate, to attract more sales, leads and enquiries direct through your website than we invite you to our free information session on the 13th and 14th May at 10am.  


To register your interest go to

Book an online demo here to find out more today or register to join us for our upcoming information sessions.

Businesses need to act quickly to cash in on this unprecedented online consumer behaviour!


Account / Sales Manager

Are you keen to join a fast-growing innovative company at the forefront of technology for customer service?  Are you interested in assisting businesses to transition into the online world with the provision of a new way of connecting with their customers? 

If you have a passion for technology, innovation and a new way of doing things in the business world, we would love for you to join our team.

Chat2 is an Australian owned company and is seeking Account Managers based in Queensland working from home to sell the Chat2 Concierge service with ongoing Account management. 

Chat2 helps businesses to increase sales/enquiries/conversions online 24/7 when website visitors arrive on the website ready to buy.  Our team of real people, professional engagement specialists are there 24/7 on the business website,  utilising our own innovative, unique Chat2 software to provide exceptional customer service for our clients’ online visitors.  We are answering questions, promoting the business, guiding the visitor around the website and encouraging them to buy.  Our service provides businesses with that extra competitive edge in online presence!  Our service has been a turning point for many of our clients in recovering from the Covid19 event.

This opportunity is to sell our Chat2 Concierge to businesses throughout Australia and Internationally, “work from home (WFH)”. There is an abundant territory, uncapped commission, trailing commission, product training and a great supportive team. You don’t need to be technical, but having a love and passion for technology, innovation and customer service is a must!

 It is desirable that you have sales experience; a positive go-getting attitude; a great communicator via phone, online, email and in-person; you are self-driven and results-focused, highly organised; you know how to nurture leads, you possess strong computer skills ideally with a good working knowledge of google suite and Customer Relationship Management database processes. You are required to have access to a mobile phone and computer.

The hours are flexible and depend on the applicant, though ideally, we prefer a full-time status. This is a position where you can work from a home office, with daily online contact with the team. The position attracts a salary and commission.

We invite you to apply online at

We look forward to receiving your application.


Education & Training Information Session

We understand that many educational organisations are challenged by budget limitations, the loss of international students, and increased competition.

We Can Help You.

We answer enquiries, guide visitors to sources of information on your website, and obtain the contact information of prospective students for you to engage with further.

Plus all registrants receive a special bonus offer valued at $99!

Chat Settings How To

Linking Chat2 to Your Facebook Messenger

It’s so easy to integrate Facebook Messenger with Chat2, so all your chats and Facebook messages are answered on the one platform.

Follow the below steps to link Facebook Messenger with Chat2.

How To

How to set up recurring payment from credit card

Just three simple steps to set up automatic payments for recurring Chat2 invoice.
  • When your invoice arrives via email, click on the green “pay now” button.
  • Select credit card as a payment option

  • Tick the box on the next screen at the bottom to select automatic monthly payment from credit card and complete the details on the form.

Please do not hesitate to Chat2 us if you require further assistance!

Presentations Tourism

Post Session Resources- Tourism Recovery Support Package

More direct bookings.
More customer service assistance.

Karen Lloyd-Collins uses real, current data and examples from our tourism clients to show you how Chat2 can drive your online sales, and save your business precious time by managing many of your online enquiries.

After you watch our 30-minute presentation you can sign up/get a demo/book a meeting and learn more about our limited time Tourism Recovery Package offer at

You can access the pdf version of the Slide Presentation Here 


Chat Blog

Media Release – Chat2 Triples Clients Assisting Tourism Businesses Bounce Back

Queensland-based technology company Chat2, is preparing for the second wave of Queensland tourism and hospitality businesses seeking their Concierge service to help with an influx of online customer enquiries and to facilitate direct website bookings, after news that the Queensland borders will open to New South Wales and Victoria on 1 December.

Chat2 has been operating for five years with clients in a range of industries worldwide. However, client numbers have nearly tripled in the last 12 months thanks in part to the support of the Queensland State Department of Development, Tourism and Innovation.

As a successful recipient of the Advance Queensland’s Ignite program, Chat2 has been able to provide their Concierge service to Queensland tourism and hospitality businesses at a significantly reduced cost for a six month trial period, with the first two months free and staged payments rising incrementally each month to $199 in month six.

Chat2 provides live chat on a business’ website with a difference. Their Concierge service is staffed by a team of real people who are customer engagement professionals that use their custom-designed software and a knowledge base to answer many of the common enquiries website visitors have and guide them to book or buy online.

Chat2 Chief Operating Officer, Karen Lloyd-Collins says that some of the key benefits tourism businesses experience include an increase in direct bookings and website traffic, as well as a decrease in the number of hours their staff spend answering questions on the phone or email.

Karen explains, “Using our custom-developed, AI-based software, our team can provide customer service online via a business’ website and Facebook Messenger, 24 hours a day, at a fraction of the cost of a business staffing it themselves.”

“One of our Queensland tourism clients who joined us in September saved nearly 90 hours, or almost 12 days, in equivalent staff labour in October alone. With our Concierge team engaging their online visitors and answering common questions, time is freed up for the business’ staff so they can focus on other important areas.”

Pinnacle Tourism Marketing who offer representative and consultative services for the tourism industry, has appreciated the initiative that has enabled some of their clients to try out the service.

Mike Webley, Business Development Executive for Pinnacle says that “Our clients have welcomed the opportunity to trial Concierge. For many tourism and hospitality operators, this type of service is new to them. To be able to see how it works and experience the benefits for their business for free and without a lock-in contract, has been of great assistance to them during these uncertain times.”

“While it is still early days for our clients, the monthly reports we have seen so far have been very encouraging and are certainly delivering the promised benefits,” Mike says.

“Implementation of Concierge takes only five days from sign up to go-live. That means we can be assisting tourism businesses dealing with their influx of enquiries by the start of December. And because we have a team of people, we can manage the peaks and troughs of demand without an operator having to worry about quickly recruiting and training staff,” explains Karen.

“We are very grateful to the Queensland Government and also Tourism and Events Queensland for their support. We are confident our service will benefit tourism operators in the region in the short and long term as international travel becomes possible once again.”

Free online information sessions for interested tourism and hospitality operators are scheduled for Thursday 3 December at 10am (AEST) or by request. See

27 November 2020

Chat Blog Industry Trends

Was This Customer Right? You Be the Judge

The (shortened) news article below has created some debate online (what?!? that never happens!) and illustrates the growing chasm between customer expectations and behaviour, and the challenges businesses are faced with trying to meet them. 

People are online researching and shopping when it is convenient for them, which is often not during what is historically considered normal business hours.

We compared an Australia Post 2020 Consumer Survey, which analysed what time over 12,000 respondents shopped online, with data from the same period from our own Australian clients.

Although Chat2 Concierge clients’ customers displayed a similar pattern to the Australia Post data, there was an even larger number of people online from 10pm to 9am.

However, both show that approximately half of total customers were shopping online between 5pm to 9am. 


Which makes sense doesn’t it? Most people are working (either paid or unpaid) during normal business hours. The only time they have to research and shop online is often once the rest of their household is at rest.

We all know that attracting, serving and keeping customers happy are key to the survival of any business.  But are customers placing unrealistic expectations on businesses?

Or despite these expectations are businesses seriously impacting their profitability and longevity by effectively ignoring customers outside of their business hours?

While it appears (at the time of publishing) from a poll run by the news publication, there is a fairly even split of for and against, some of the comments below from Australian business owners and managers are interesting…


All of these commenters accept that receiving enquiries 24/7 is a fact of doing business in 2020, but there is a disparity in whether they think it is fair, or understandable due to different timezones and working lives, and how to manage it.

Some say they expect and welcome enquiries 24/7 because they understand that their customers have lifestyles different to their own and shouldn’t be forced to shop to their hours. Through to the other end of the spectrum where they say that customers wanting service outside of 9-5 (in the business’s timezone) are ‘selfish’ and ‘entitled’.

It would be interesting to see how these commentators’ businesses fare a few years from now…

Whether you agree or disagree, this type of customer service chasm will not be going away. 

However, there is a very simple, cost-effective way of keeping both parties happy, and therefore growing the tradesperson’s business.

By having Chat2 Concierge on the tradesperson’s website our team would have received the enquiry and responded to the potential customer’s enquiry in under 20 seconds – 24 hours a day.


  • acknowledging the customer’s enquiry
  • engaging them to obtain as many details as possible
  • setting an expectation of when the business would be able to respond to them with a quote
  • then securing and passing on the qualified lead’s details

The tradesman would have slept through the night, rest-assured knowing that the business was still engaging potential customers and preventing them from bouncing to a competitor.

Instead, he responded angrily in the heat of the moment, causing the matter to be publicised on social media (200,000 engagements and counting) and leaving both parties dissatisfied.

We can guarantee that this businessperson certainly did lose that customer and who knows how many else?

Start your Chat2 Concierge trial now.

Chat Blog Industry Trends

Tips for Maximising Online Revenue and Engagement at Christmas

Technology changes and the COVID pandemic have driven dramatic increases in online traffic.

Even if you don’t sell products or services online, we know that your customers will certainly be researching you online – and your competitors.

In June 2020 Deloitte surveyed US online adults and found:

In Australia, according to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index, online retail sales as at June 2020 accounted for 10.7% of total retail, up from 9% at the same time last year. This is reflected in the 53% average increase in Australia Post domestic parcel quantities for the months April to August 2020.

There has also been a 233% increase in Live Chats in the Consumer Products & Services industry compared to pre-COVID.


While this may seem like a very welcome silver-lining to the COVID pandemic this sudden surge in online activity can actually be detrimental to your business if you aren’t prepared – particularly in the area of customer service.

In a survey of 10,000 consumers who had a bad customer service experience with a retailer…

But if you get customer service right the Harvard Business Review found that customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience.

So in summary…

We know that Live Chat is the preferred method of communication for Millennials and has the highest satisfaction rate of all communication channels.

But that 53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchase if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.

Therefore it is critical that you prepare now and prepare well for the flood of online traffic that comes with the Christmas period.

Here are some tips that we provide to our Chat2 clients to drive better customer engagement and increased sales – 365 days of the year:

  • Update your Knowledge Base with common questions about special hours or closures, shipping timeframes, and returns – use this to update your website FAQs for SEO benefits.
  • Make sure your returns and shipping policies are clear and not too onerous.
  • Use an auto-responder to re-direct people who communicate with you by email and phone to Chat2 us on your website or Facebook Messenger (we do both!) for instantaneous service. Make sure the contact page of your website also invites visitors to chat.
  • Consider creating promotions, then tell us so we can share them with your online visitors and convert their visit into a sale.

Shopify asked over 50 online businesses to rank the effectiveness of 15 different holiday offers, deals, and discounts. The results were pretty clear cut as shown below.

To learn more about Maximising Online Revenue this Christmas, join Karen Lloyd-Collins, Chat2 COO, for a special 30-minute information session.

We use real, current data and examples from a range of industries to show you how Chat2 can drive your online sales and expand your sales funnel by generating more enquiries. Register here.

Or get started now with our amazing trial offer of 700 hours for just $30!

Chat Blog How Fast is Fast Enough? Industry Trends

Customers Want Your Business Now!

How people engage online has dramatically changed due to technology, and further magnified by the events of 2020.

Do you remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory?


One of the most dramatic shifts has been the immediacy of service demanded by customers.

According to a report by Hubspot 90% of customers rate an immediate response as important or very important when they have a customer service question. 60% of customers define immediate as 10 minutes or less!

With Chat2 Concierge you have the benefit of our service specialists assisting your online customers 24/7.

In fact our average response time is 15 seconds or less! 

Our clients are now redirecting traffic from their other channels such as email, telephone and contact forms back to their website to be assisted by our team.

Not only will your customers be happier and more loyal, but the amount of enquiries you and your staff have to respond to is also significantly reduced.

Chat2 Us now about we can maximise your online revenue and engagement.

Chat Settings How To How To

Google Analytics Integration

Collect valuable data about your website visitors’ browsing behaviour with our Google Analytics (GA) integration based on GA Events.

When a visitor engages with Chat2 that interaction is pushed to your GA account as an Event and can be viewed under the Behaviour tab along with a Category, Action and Label attribute – each corresponding to different information including:

  • Chat start and whether the customer initiated the chat or Chat2 did.
  • Chat end and whether the customer ended the chat.

Your Chat Events can then be incorporated as part of a Conversion Goal for your business in GA meaning you can more closely track the effect that Chat2 is having on your business’s KPI’s, whether it be online sales or generating leads.  Learn more about GA Goals here.

Chat2 integration for Google Analytics is available by request for a monthly fee.


Once your integration is activated all that is required are a few simple steps as outlined below.

Chat2 Dashboard

  • You can change the name of the Event Category, Action, and Label for various interactions under the Installation tab in your Chat2 dashboard.

Google Analytics Dashboard

  • Ensure you have Google Analytics tracking installed on your website.
  • Login to your GA account.
  • In Behaviour select Events.  Here you will see your Chat Events.

You can learn more about Google Events here.

Troubleshooting tip: Ensure there is only one Google Analytics account associated with your website as the chat events will only show on one account.

Your Chat2 Dashboard also contains similar data as well as:

  • Visitors contact details if available
  • What digital source they came from
  • What web page they engaged in a chat from
  • Location, date, and time of chat
  • Chat content

You can learn more about Chat2 Concierge reports here.