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Chat2 Concierge combines unique, innovative live chat software with our team of professional customer service specialists online 24/7, 365 days a year, engaging with your website visitors in the moment they're ready to book.
We provide customers reassurance, guidance and the welcoming, friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide.

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8 years of Expertise in the Hospitality and Gaming Industry

Based in Queensland, Australia with staff based locally as well as across the globe, we understand the intricate dynamics of increasing venue attendance and attracting memberships across all markets and the importance of elevating customer service experience.

The Hospitality and Gaming Industry was significantly impacted by COVID-19, leaving many operators struggling to adapt and recover. We recognize the challenges faced and our experienced team can help boost your online presence with consistent, on-brand messaging, facilitating an up-to-date dialogue between you and your guests.

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benefits to you

More Memberships

We encourage memberships when visitors are on your website so they are more likely to attend your venue.

Available 24/7

We respond in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year, servicing customers in every time zone.

Customer Satisfaction

Live chat satisfaction rate is 85.6%, higher than email , apps, social media messaging and phone calls.
(Source Statista).

loyalty & SEO

Website visitors that get instant answers, return and stay longer assisting your search rankings.

Streamline staffing

A reduction in the number of enquiries your staff answer means they can focus on other areas of the business.

More Enquiries

Visitors enjoy the anonymity of live chat and ask us more questions rather than wait to call or email later.


Around the clock service at an unbeatable cost. No overtime or penalty rates.

Consistent service

Even if your staff change over we provide consistency with no further training required, saving you both time & money.

Website, Google & Social Media

We respond to your website visitors, google chat, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages 24/7, 365 days on one seamless platform.

team work

For complex questions, we transfer the visitor directly to your reception or obtain their details and immediately email the relevant staff.

How We Help You!


The Hospitality and Gaming industry can gain a competitive edge in attracting more memberships and encouraging guests to attend their venue by partnering with us.  Our 24/7 team provides a welcoming, professional online customer experience, answering enquiries, capturing guest details, and facilitating direct bookings.

As 30-40% of enquiries tend to occur outside of business hours, a strong online presence allows guests to explore their options at any time. Our services can free up your staff during business hours, allowing them to attend to other important business needs.

With our custom knowledge base, we can adjust to match the ebbs and flows of demand, ensuring your guests are never kept waiting.

Check out our short video below to learn more about how our Chat2 Concierge Service can benefit your Hospitality and Gaming business.


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We provide professional online customer service, 24 hours a day, at a flat rate - no overtime or penalty rates.


You will receive more enquiries. Live chat is the preferred method of communication since COVID-19. Guests enjoy the anonymity and ask us questions that they wouldn't have on the phone or email.


Potential guests will receive personal and friendly service, creating a great first impression of your venue.


We create a custom knowledge base used to answer questions from your online visitors, freeing up your staff's time.


We believe in continuous improvement and capture feedback on our service from all current and future guests on your website.


We are an Australian-owned and operated business with over 8 years' experience servicing a range of industries including Hospitality & Gaming.

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Below are transcripts of real chats between Chat2 Concierge and visitors on hospitality operators’ websites. 

Sometimes chats can be pretty straightforward and easy to answer using our custom knowledge base. Every one of these chats saves your staff precious time so they can focus on other important areas of the business.

Other times chats can be complex when visitors need reassurance, guidance to find information, and the welcoming, friendly assistance that only a team of REAL people can provide.

Facilitating easy membership sign-up

Securing substantial booking opportunities


At Norths Leagues and Services Club, we strive to deliver the best possible experience for our members. Chat2 Concierge allows us to take on the work of answering questions, so our team can focus on more important things like growing our business and perfecting our services to our members. Chat2 Concierge has evolved over time to deliver a higher and higher level of service, which means that every time a new customer asks us a question, they can respond faster than ever before—and with more accuracy. We happily recommend Chat2 Concierge as an addition to your digital strategy.
James Bennett
Chat2 is an amazing tool. They’re a great knowledge base to answer customer enquiries instantly and provide great customer service. Chat2 has now become a vital part of our daily operations. Would highly recommend.
Kimberley Wilkinson

Chat2 has been a game-changer for our hospitality business. We've seen a significant improvement in our online presence and client responsiveness, with immediate answers to enquiries preventing customers from shopping around. The service provides a consistent level of customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for our guests. The Chat2 team has also provided us with a valuable research tool, helping us to better understand the questions our guests are asking and guiding our website development strategy. Partnering with Chat2 has been one of the best decisions we've made for our business.
The Chat2 team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their experience in the hospitality and gaming industry is evident in the way that they tailor their service to meet the specific needs of our venue. We would highly recommend Chat2 to any other hospitality business looking to improve their online presence and customer support.
Carol McFarlane

what Our client's customers say

"I received amazing customer service through the club's website when I was trying to sign up for a membership. I found the process a bit confusing at first, but the live chat feature on the website quickly connected me to Lynn, who guided me through the process step by step. Thanks to her exceptional service, I am a member of the club and have access to the great benefits and perks. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for top-notch online customer service! Great job Juniors"
Juniors club member
"Our clients have welcomed the opportunity to trial Concierge... While it is still early days for our clients, the monthly reports we have seen so far have been very encouraging and are certainly delivering the promised benefits."
Mike Webley
Pinnacle Tourism Marketing

Some of Our Team


Chief Operating Officer


Account Manager


Service Specialist


conversion rate
1 %

Where a sale is made or contact details obtained.

extra time on website
1 %

Providing SEO ranking benefits for your website.


Average response time to connect to website visitors.


An online team of real people, highly trained engagement and service specialists, educated in your business who will respond to enquiries in real time, 24/7 when your customer is on your website and wants answers.

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per month

No lock-in contract

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+ $399 Knowledge Base*

*Yours to keep. Use it to:

  • train staff
  • as FAQ’s on your website
  • keywords for SEO & SEM
  • keep us updated on new messaging
  • includes up to 400 Responses


Cancel any time

* More than 200 chats per month incur additional charges of $100 per 100 chats thereafter. 

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