Can we help?  Chat2Concierge is assisting all businesses, big or small through this time of crisis.  We are offering to any business – 3 months of our online engagement service. We have a professional highly trained team reassuring online visitors, answering online enquiries and most importantly encouraging future online bookings, sales and preventing cancellations wherever possible.

Businesses are telling us – 

“I can’t keep up!” “We are being overwhelmed with enquiries” “Staff are struggling to answer phones and emails” “It’s challenging to ensure the team are all saying the same thing”, “Staff are having to self-isolate so we are struggling to meet demand”.

We can seriously help through these times of crisis as we are delivering immediacy and consistency of message. 

Marketing Manager, Di Wilcocks, Brothers Leagues Club in Cairns summed it up perfectly stating:

 Expectations around internet space is for immediate answers  and the service allows us to provide that which prevents further ‘shopping’ with other venues or events. Also the other benefit is the consistency of message (particularly during these dynamic times with the Covid 19 virus).  With a number of different staff running our reception the customer experience can vary. Concierge provides a consistent level of customer service and ‘tone of voice’.

More and more businesses are now going online in these difficult times, with businesses having to close, staff having to self isolate and towns going into lockdown. It’s important to have a system where you can easily connect and communicate with your customers.

“We are currently talking to many businesses, who are feeling over-whelmed and struggling to keep up in this fluctuating environment with the daily changes in government policy, directly affecting them.  We are fortunate enough to have a business model where we are operating “business as usual”. We want to seriously help businesses struggling through these tough times, so we are offering 3 months of our online engagement service for free.  This means having professional staff online 24/7 responding to your customer enquiries, reassuring your visitors and assisting with sales and future bookings”.

Karen Lloyd-Collins – COO Chat2

Businesses can easily accept this offer at the following link.

Chat2Concierge 3 month offer – March 2020

Chat2Concierge Service – what is it?

The Chat2Concierge service is having a team of professional engagement specialists online 24/7, responding to your customers either answering questions, providing reassurance, guiding customers towards a sale or obtaining the contact detail for you to follow up with your customer.  How we do this is by creating a specific knowledge base for your business, that is uploaded into our unique innovative software that our Concierge team (or your team) can utilise heightened by our Artificial Intelligence (ai) tools. We will include responses around the Covid19 virus and how your business is likely to be operating during these times to reassure customers and to assist with business continuity.  If your customers are kept informed with relevant and accurate information, quickly and easily through the Chat2 service, then they are more likely to remain or become a customer.

There is an option, if you prefer for your team to answer online enquiries using the Chat2 software during normal business hours and our team to act as a back-up and to answer enquiries outside of business hours. So even if your staff are having to “work from home”, they can easily connect and chat with your customers online.  

We are offering businesses 3 months of our online engagement service at no cost.  This includes full set-up, creation of the Knowledge Base, 24/7 coverage and unlimited users.  To register for this offer just go to Chat2Concierge – 3 month offer – March 2020

How Chat2Concierge Helps.

Saves Time – we save your staff time.  Whether it is your staff or us online chatting, you can chat with multiple clients at the same time (not just one customer on the telephone), answering those repetitive common questions, getting your message to your customers fast!  With our online service, your staff will then experience less of those common questions on the phone and email and are able to focus on the strong genuine enquiries that we pass through and are more likely to result in a sale. We can be your online virtual reception team.

Consistency – With our team of engagement specialists we are able to provide a consistent tone of voice to online customers with accurate messaging.  We work with our clients to ensure the online messages are always up to date and relevant. We have Covid 10 messages set up for our clients over the last 6 weeks, so the issue has easily been managed as the questions are now becoming more prevalent and frequent, our clients are well prepared.

Timeliness – We are a 24/7 service, so we are online when your customers are online, no matter what time!  This way we can capture opportunities for you outside your normal business hours.

Another entertainment client stated:

“Prior to using Chat2concierge,  we had many customer’s clicking through the website to the enquiry page but those enquiries would only be answered in office time.  This was often outside of the time frame of the initial request (are you showing boxing on Sunday responded to on Monday morning for example) so the customer would feel we were an unresponsive organisation. Our online customer service is now so much better with Chat2”

Immediacy – in this time of technology, online visitors expect information fast, they are no longer patient to look for information themselves.  This is challenging for businesses to respond and meet expectations. But with our service, you now can!

Improves Google Rankings – as your online visitors will be on your website for longer, conversing with us at all times of the day, this will increase your presence online and improve your google rankings.  It also improves bounce rate and of course online sales.

More Sales – naturally if you have more engagement online, customers are getting answers quickly to those repetitive questions

About Chat2: 

Chat2 is an Australian owned company that started as a Live Chat system in 2015. We tested the market with the software and discovered clients were challenged to find the resources internally to engage and market effectively with online visitors, at the moment they were online. So this led to the evolution of the Chat2Concierge service in 2016 which has now been further developed and refined to include our patented conversational remarketing tools. As much of the public is still not quite ready for chatbots, our service is a great data gathering, information collection process to get a great insight into your online visitor in readiness for the transition towards chatbots.  We also offer a hybrid service with chatbots and real people, for those businesses that are ready. Majority of our clients are still preferring the real human touch. Chat2Concierge service uses our unique innovative software and re-marketing tools allows businesses to boost sales, connect in real time with online visitors utilising our proprietary Global Dashboard and engagement specialist team 24/7. 

How to Start

If you would like to accept our 3 month offer of our Chat2Concierge online service at no cost, please click the link below.  You will be asked to complete a simple online form, which will assist the team to start work on generating your specific Knowledge Base.  Once we have generated the Knowledge Base, this will be emailed to you for approval. You will also receive simple instructions on how to install the software, in readiness for our team to take you online. Once the software is installed and the Knowledge Base is approved we will have you online 24/7 connecting with your online customers.  Yes, it’s that easy and we want to help! Let us support you through to the other side of these difficult times.

Chat2Concierge – 3 month offer – March 2020

Just click the link to get started now!