M.O.R.E. with Chat2

Maximising Online
Revenue & Engagement

With our unique, innovative software and team of online engagement specialists 24/7, you will have the power to maximise your sales, leads, bookings, conversions & attract more enquiries.

We deliver more for our clients

What Can We Do For You?

MORE Sales

A professional engagement team is online 24/7 to reassure your customers answering questions and providing guidance to purchase.

MORE conversions

With reassurance online your customers are more likely to buy in the moment they are on your website ready to purchase.

MORE Enquiries

Your customer will be attracted back to your website with instant customer service.

Six Things That Happen With Chat2

Strengthen your brand

Providing a consistent voice across your website and social media.

Rapid response

We respond to your customers in
15 seconds.

Get Smart

We create an ever growing knowledge base for your customer service.

Take a breath

You can sit back and relax while we convert your advertising to sales.

Customer service that rocks

Your customers will be so impressed they will recommend you to their friends.

Happy customers

When your customers feel heard they buy more and recommend you with great reviews.

We connect you with your customers at the moment they want to buy

Chat2 Concierge is always online so you don’t have to be. Our service creates a specific knowledge base for your business that is uploaded into our innovative software that is used to respond to your customers at the moment they are online to buy.

Connect with your customers

There's no better time than Now

What Do our Clients Say?

Don't just take our word about the difference Chat2 Concierge makes to a business

DI WILLCOCKS, Brothers Leagues Cairns

With a number of different staff running our reception, the customer experience can vary. Chat2 Concierge provides a consistent level of customer service and a 'tone of voice'.


Chat2 Concierge improves our clients' search engine rankings by increasing engagement and dwell time metrics. For our clients that value traffic from Google we recommend Chat2 Concierge as it not only improves SEO and engagement but also enables our clients to attain their sales and profit targets.

ADAM McGILCHRIST, Salary Packaging Australia

People see Chat2 as somewhere to bring issues rather than on social media or Google reviews. I would rather handle the complaint directly via Chat2 than on these channels.

GRAEME SMITH, Bay of Many Coves

The Chat2 Concierge team provides exceptional online customer service saving our front line team so much time on the phone and email. We have also noticed this service is keeping people on our site for longer compared to last year so is likely to push us up the Google search rankings.

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