Chat2 Concierge combines live chat AI-based software, with a professional customer service team.

With our innovative software and team of online engagement specialists 24/7, you will have the power to maximise your sales, leads, bookings, conversions & attract more enquiries.

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We will deliver M.O.R.E. business for your business...


Potential customers aren't waiting for answers. Instant service stops customers from deserting and drives online sales.​


Our team is trained to gently gather customer details so your sales team can follow up quickly and make that conversion.


Your sales funnel is increased. Visitors enjoy the anonymity & enquire when they wouldn't have done on phone or email.

they love it

Live chat customer satisfaction rate was 83% in 2019, higher than email (61%), apps (53%), social media (48%), and phone (44%). (Source Statista). In fact 63% of Millennials say that live chat is preferred method of communication with a business.

we are open

Many consumers start their purchase journey researching online (particularly with COVID restrictions). Our team are there 24/7 on your website no matter what the visitor's time-zone. You can even expand your reach to global customers.


A fraction of the cost of a business to staff itself.
We work 365 days at a flat rate.
We also have staff available to manage the peaks and troughs in demand to ensure your customer feels welcome & is never kept waiting.

24/7 service

Many of our clients have over 30% of enquiries occurring outside normal business hours. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide instant service.

loyalty & seo

Website visitors that get instant answers on your website stay longer and are more likely to return, we help improve your search rankings & ensure your visitors are engaged.


The number of enquiries your staff has to respond to is reduced with the support of our professional team, freeing up their time to focus on other areas of your business.

Try us out on your URL!

Try your company’s URL today with no downloads required just a virtual demo on your own site so that you can see first hand how we work!

Please read through the instructions before starting
  1. Open a new second tab in your browser
  2. In the second tab go to your website
  3. Copy your website address 
  4. Navigate back to this browser tab
  5. Paste your website address in the ‘enter demo url’ field above
  6. Copy just this section of your website url from where you just pasted it above.
    • For example /chat2.com/ (backslash/yourdomain.com or com.au or org etc)
  7. Click Enter Demo URL to gain access to our Try Us Portal
  8. You will land on the page in the picture below- go to the browser at the top of the page and click at the end of https://tryout.chat2.com
  9. Paste the partial url you have copied in step 6 to the end (see example below)
  10. Click enter to see our team live on your website 

(example – https://tryout.chat2.com/chat2.com)

Please note- The Live Demo url may experience issues on highly secure sites, if you get an error message, please fill in the form below so we can create you personalised demo link.

We connect you with your customers
In the moment they want to buy

Chat2 Concierge is always online so you don’t have to be. Our service creates a specific knowledge base for your business that is uploaded into our innovative software that is used to respond to your customers at the moment they are online to buy.

Connect with your customers

There's no better time than Now

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Concierge team 24/7

A team of REAL people, trained in your business engaging website visitors, driving sales & enquiries.

Website & Facebook integration

We respond to visitors ON YOUR WEBSITE, and answer your Facebook Messages within one seamless service.

Multiple sites

Managed within one platform. Ideal for businesses with sub-brands.

Custom design*

Of the Chat2 widget to integrate with your website/brand. Optional extra.

File transfer

Directly to visitors such as a map or brochure.

Google Analytics integration*

Data about your website visitors’ chat interactions pushed as an event to Google Analytics. Optional extra.

Reporting & data

Can be viewed instantaneously including in the Chat2 dashboard including visitor contact details if available, location, date and time, survey results and chat content.

Dedicated Account Manager

To provide assistance and deliver your business updates to the Concierge team. such as new products and promotions.

Custom knowledge base

Created so we interact quickly, effectively, and accurately with your website visitors. You will receive you commonly asked questions, words, and phrases for website integration to assist SEO and inform SEM.

Conduct surveys, ask for reviews

Auto-trigger or manual.


Di Willcocks - Marketing Manager, Brothers Leagues Cairns

With a number of different staff running our reception, the customer experience can vary. Chat2 Concierge provides a consistent level of customer service and a 'tone of voice'.

Ben Versang - Owner, Mahi Web

Chat2 Concierge improves our clients' search engine rankings by increasing engagement and dwell time metrics. For our clients that value traffic from Google we recommend Chat2 Concierge as it not only improves SEO and engagement but also enables our clients to attain their sales and profit targets.

Adam McGilchrist - Salary Packaging Australia

People see Chat2 as somewhere to bring issues rather than on social media or Google reviews. I would rather handle the complaint directly via Chat2 than on these channels.

Graeme Smith - General Manager, Bay of Many Coves

The Chat2 Concierge team provides exceptional online customer service saving our front line team so much time on the phone and email. We have also noticed this service is keeping people on our site for longer compared to last year so is likely to push us up the Google search rankings.

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per month

No lock-in contract

Month 1 FREE

+ $199 Knowledge Base*

*Yours to keep. Use it to:

  • train staff
  • as FAQ’s on your website
  • keywords for SEO & SEM
  • keep us updated on new messaging


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Try your company’s URL today with no downloads required just a virtual demo on your own site so that you can see first hand how we work!

Please note- The Live Demo url may experience issues on highly secure sites, if your receive an error message please fill in our Get a Demo form