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Answering Chats

When a chat comes in, you will receive both audible and visual alert notifications.  Please see the setting up notifications video located at setting up chat notifications

This short video shows you how to answer chats.

You can see the number of visitors who are initiating chats on the “Pending ” tab.  You can open new chats in a seperate window or tab depending on which icon you select to open the chat.  Hover over the icons to reveal their purpose.

To ensure all visitors are answered when they initiate a chat, you can set up automatic responses. These are the responses a visitor will receive when they initiate a chat and are waiting for a response. To give the operator a chance to pick up the chat an automatic message can be sent immediately to say something like “Hi, we will be with you in a moment.”

This short video explains how to set up these automatic responses.

A website visitor who initiates a chat will then always be answered by the business, without any assistance from an operator.

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