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Real Estate & Live Chat – The Perfect Combination!

    A frantic message was received by the Chat2 team on the morning of 12th October, 2018: “We have just been evacuated so we can not answer the phones. If needed, please advise online visitors that the office has shut down due to an electrical fault and please assist them as best you can…” […]

Chat2 Concierge – How To Get Started

  Chat2 Concierge is a professional team of real chat operators who extend a warm, friendly greeting to your online visitors at the time they visit your website at any hour of the day.  The team are fully trained in aspects of sales, conflict resolution, sympathy, customer mood enhancement, loyalty building and brand values. You […]

4 Easy Steps to Create a Knowledge Base

Can you recall the last time you had a new person start in your workplace?  Was it something you were dreading? Were you thinking,   “Oh my, I have a new person starting…  My whole week is going to be taken up with training.”   I know.  I’ve been there many times in the past. […]

10 Top Tips to Introduce Live Chat – So It Works!

We chat with businesses around the world everyday to start a relationship, to provide insight to the world of live chat, sharing our experiences with Chat2 and how it is changing the way businesses are communicating with their customers online.  So many businesses are still hesitant to try live chat and even when they do […]

4 Common Reasons Why Business Resists Live Chat

  Does this sound familiar to you?  Over the past few decades the way we conduct business has changed substantially. Websites, email, social media, mobile sites, instant messaging, B2B marketing, SEO etc etc etc… We’ve all had to embrace these rapid technological shifts and many business tell me it’s one of their biggest challenges is […]

Does Live Chat Really Work?

Written By:  Karen Lloyd-Collins CEO Chat2 One of the most typical questions we are asked at Chat2 is: “Does Live Chat Really Work?” We speak with many companies every day who are hesitant to try chat software and tell us: “My customers are happy to contact me by phone, contact form or email”;  or “I […]

How Fast is Fast Enough?

  Did you know many businesses are not responding fast enough for their customers? Many businesses don’t realise their response rates are not meeting their customer expectations. Client expectations to get a response from a business are becoming demanding and placing significant pressure on business resources.   So what is the response time customers expect from […]

Salesperson / Accounts Manager Required (Brisbane/GoldCoast area)

Sales Representative – Chat2 – chat software and service Brisbane /Gold Coast area Interested in joining a progressive, growing Australian company on the brink of technology and innovation? Sell a product that sells easily and businesses love! Supported by progressive, growing team on the brink of technology and innovation! Great potential for earning loads of […]

Facebook and Chat Software – New Directions for Business

  Facebook is on the verge of making rapid, radical changes.  The social media giant has been big news in 2018. First with the announcement of the change of direction for the company and now facing significant security breaches. Last Sunday, Facebook took out full page ads in seven British newspapers and three American ones […]

How to Boost Sales with Less Emails and Fewer Phone Calls!

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for business owners! How much time do your staff spend on emails or on the phone communicating with customers?  What if you could reduce the time spent on these tasks and make more sales! Emails occupy 23% of the average employee’s workday (Forbes report) and the average employee […]

How to Compete with Amazon – Interview with CEO Karen Lloyd-Collins of Chat2 – an Australian Live Chat Software company.

Good Evening Everyone – My name is Jay Robert from Shop Ferret E-Commerce News. My guest this evening is Karen Lloyd-Collins – CEO of the Australian live chat software company – Chat2.   Jay: Hi Karen – welcome and thanks for your time to talk to us at Shop Ferret News. Karen: Thanks Jay – […]

Chat wins more customers online……here’s how

You have thousands of customers on your website each month.  Have you ever said “hi” to them? Asked how they were?  Asked them – What are you looking for? Can I help you? No…. With Chat on your website – you now can! Chat will put you in the same space as your prospects and you […]

Amazon in Oz! Do you need to compete? Here’s how……..

Online chat is finally starting to evolve in the Australian market. The Australian (May 15, 2017) recently reported that more retailers are starting to embrace the chat technology on their websites, particularly with the launch of Amazon in Australia imminent. “To maintain growth, retailers continue to adjust their strategies to adapt to changing market conditions […]

Increase sales online with live chat

  Do you want more Customers? Do you know there are thousands of your customers hovering around the outskirts of your business online and you are not letting them in?  They are banging on the door but no one is answering. They have been bouncing in and out of your business and you probably did not […]

Who loves solar?

In the Chat world it is often raised that online chat can only assist with simple enquiries and nothing too technical or specific. The chat received this morning by the Chat2 Concierge team for our client NQ Solar ( – was a specific, technical, in-depth enquiry and this is how it progressed……….. Visitor: Hi, I […]

How to generate more online sales in 2017!

  Start 2017 with a bang and induce your website visitors to buy from your website  this year! Avert them from clicking to that next website. How? Engage with your consumers online through your own website. Talk to them while they are on your website, say hello, engage and have a conversation in their time […]

Media Release

live chat software – customization – training – chat concierge Media Release: 21st June 2016   ONLINE CHAT SERVICE FOR $1AUD/HOUR 24/7 FOR BUSINESS Chat2 has launched an online assistance chat service – where website customers are greeted by experienced chat operators for a cost of only $1/hour to businesses! Businesses are installing live chat […]

Answering Chats – Inhouse or Outsource?

You want to add Chat2 – a live chat service to add to your website to capture leads and boost sales directly from your website?  Many companies nowadays are implementing a live chat service on their websites to assist their customers with answers to questions ranging from customer support to sales enquiries. A skilled live chat […]

Do you ignore your online customers?

Is Chatting with customers new? Of course not! Conversational ecommerce has existed in some form or other since the earliest days of online shopping. You called up the shop owner (whose website you were looking at) when you had a query or wanted to order something. A few years later, as email was popular, you emailed […]

Blowing Up Customer Service

Blowing up Customer Service!   Do you want to open a new door for customers to come flooding in? Do you want to talk with customers while they are looking at your website? Do you want to provide great customer service? That is why we are all in business isn’t it? To provide a great […]

Want to grow your Business online? Here’s how!

What is Good Customer service?  Think about the last time you were served by a business – what did you like? What didn’t you like? When I receive fabulous customer service I feel elated after the experience, it’s a great boost in my day.  Receiving great customer service is an experience in itself.  If you […]

Are you worried about security of a shopping website

Christmas is just around the corner.  It is the time many  of us start jumping online to shop for those Christmas presents. As you peruse a site and head towards the shopping cart, those doubtful thoughts start to pop into your mind. Just because a website looks beautiful it does not necessarily mean it is […]

Would your Customers Use Live Chat?

“If we offer Chat2 software on our website will our customers use it?” This is one of the most common questions we are faced with from our new customers. If your customers use less effort in getting their questions answered quickly, it makes sense they will use Chat.  In 2016, business growth will be about […]

Customer Service – Can our expectations drop any lower?

Last week I phoned a local telecommunications business four times to enquire whether they had a specific USB dongle in stock. The phone just kept ringing out. I started to wonder maybe they had closed down or moved……. this was a major local telecommunications business, so I drove into the city to check.

When I rocked up to the shop, they were busy with shop customers and after waiting in line for 15 minutes, I queried whether their phones were working today. The response was “oh if we are busy we don’t answer the phone”. Really! I could hardly believe the response. This is a major major major telecommunications business – you don’t just not answer your phone!!!

Work from anywhere – anytime

  Doesn’t this look great – lounging in a hammock on an exotic island far far away – well maybe not too far – WiFi is close.  If you are worried about missing out on that important client contact while lounging away during these holidays.  Don’t worry any more. Chat2 allows you instant contact with […]

The power of social media

Adele shared in the news this week “that she didn’t realise the power of social media”. We all know in this space how true that is. It is the way people are connecting and getting their news, what’s on, what’s happening, what’s new, whose who…………….. We all want to be in the know and technology […]

Connect with customers online now – or be left behind!

Is your email clogged with spam? Do you miss important customer emails due to the inbox clutter? More and more businesses are turning towards Chat2 software to talk to their customers online in a real life conversation.   With the popularity of SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp – the decision makes sense. To move […]

Why does your business need Chat?

Do you know how many visitors visit your website each day and can’t find what they are looking for, so leave. 68.53% of customers abandon the checkout process due to unclear information, not sure if they have purchased correctly or shipping is confusing (Banyard Institute 2015).                   […]